There’s more than one way to travel. If you are planning a trip soon, calling an airline is not necessarily the best choice. You might do well to look into Toronto private jets for rent. Why charter a flight rather than book a commercial one? Here are four reasons to consider closely.

No Endless Waiting for the Flight to Leave

One of the major benefits of taking a charter flight is that you’re not bound by the schedules put in place by the airlines. When you contact the charter service, let them know the date and time you want to leave. They can structure the reservation to accommodate that request. You’ll find that they can also do the same for your return flight.

What this means is you don’t have to get to the airport hours in advance, check-in, and then wait at a gate until boarding time. With a charter flight, you go directly to the area where it’s waiting, board, and settle in as the pilot takes care of the last-minute details for taking off.

Landing Closer to Your Destination

How close would a commercial flight get you to your destination? If the plan is to visit a major city, an airline will likely get you there. When the plan is to visit a location that’s some distance from a major city, the odds of being able to land close by are somewhere between slim or none. That doesn’t apply when you take a charter flight.

Charter services can land in many smaller airports and even many types of airstrips. You could find that by reserving a personal helicopter that you can land within a few miles of the place that you want to go. That beats landing in the closest city and having to rent a car to manage the last leg of the trip.

More Comfortable Than Commercial Flights

It’s no secret that commercial airlines squeeze in as many seats as possible. The result is that people of a certain stature tend to feel cramped and uncomfortable. If you’ve ever taken a long flight and felt as if there was no head or legroom, then you know just how uncomfortable a trip can be.

With charter flights, there’s more room. You won’t feel cramped and there is room to sit normally. You’ll also find that the seats on a charter flight are usually more comfortable than on a commercial one.

The Flight May Be Direct With No Stops

Connections are not something you’ve ever enjoyed. That’s because commercial flights may be assigned a gate that’s at the other end of the airport from your connecting flight. If it’s late, then you may have to rush to get to the other gate or might even miss the connecting flight altogether. That means you have to wait and hope that you can get on the next flight out.

With a charter flight, it might be possible to fly directly to your destination. Even if there’s the need to stop for fuel along the way, there’s not racing through an airport to catch another jet. You’ll still travel on the same one.

The bottom line is that charter flights are a great way to travel. Check into this option for your next trip. After you try it once, you may never want to set foot on a commercial flight again.