Theatre or stage drama is probably one of the oldest mediums encouraging artists to create and present their stories in front of a large audience. With changing times, performances have also evolved – today, viewers can notice technological integrations starting from the use of sophisticated software to smart shutters that enhance the theatre viewing experience.

Talking about tech advancements that have dynamically transformed theatre experiences, the following 4 deserve special mention.

Technology shaping music

Present-day musicians have the advantage of using pre-recorded tracks during their live performances. When live musicians play these tracks while delivering their performances, somehow the ever-shrinking sound of the orchestras used gets enhanced. Even to create contemporary instrumentations, most musical instruments have to take the assistance of various digital techniques. Thanks to technology because it is empowering musicians to take the quality of their performances a few notches higher.

Technology improving the sound design

Although the pit band is responsible for making the music, it is the sound designing technology which not only captures the music but presents it to the crowd. Also, the soundboards available nowadays have abilities to alter any instrument voicing by making the most of tools like synthesizers and preamps.

Vocal processing is in full bloom right now, and soundtracks do not need to be recorded in advance because now musicians have complete access to a plethora of digital effects available online. Also, sound rigging has become a common phenomenon because it has been launched in smaller sizes. Musicians would not have to deal with the mess created by sound cables anymore because WIFI RF boards and digital snakes are already here to replace them.

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Technology automating theatre settings

A perfect example of automation onstage would be hydraulics lifting in bulky equipment or props. Even if you are thinking about how things are going on at the smaller scale you can think about how smaller theatre equipment is making the most of automated tech responses for theatre rigging purposes.

Also, do you remember ‘following spots’ that used to be highlighted by stagehands? Now the same follow spots are being illuminated with the help of digital techniques operated by the tech booth. To create a mesmerizing effect, lighting cues are being programmed as per the performance’s requirements. Performances dealing with large props often display them in a timely fashion and the entire activity is coordinated from backstage.

Social media popularizing theatres

While social media is not a part of the day-to-day activities of theatres, it has managed to create a positive influence in the theatre industry just within a few years. As the ways of traditional advertising are losing its charm, social media is making its mark by becoming the best way to boost ticket sales.

This has turned out to be a blessing to independent theatre companies by helping them to reach to a large audience with ease. Now anyone having internet access can know more about these shows and if interested they can buy the tickets online.

While audiences are becoming spellbound with the wonders of the artists’ performance mingled with the right tech tools, artists are trying their best to familiarize themselves with digital settings.