Ever got a fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520? Today there are fake watches that at first glance, seem identical to the originals. However, there are very good reasons to avoid acquiring them at all costs, and here we are going to discuss 4 of them.

Many times, some particular watch model we like and would love to wear it, but its price far exceeds our economic possibilities of spending on a non-essential item, and we decided that acquiring a copy does not harm anyone. It is for this reason that the imitation watch business has been in full swing for several years, to such an extent that some imitations even fool experts when they review them.

But that does not mean that acquiring a fake watch does not have negative consequences for everyone.

1. It is illegal

Consciously producing or acquiring imitations of branded watches is an illegal activity in most countries. This reason should be enough by itself to avoid approaching this type of merchandise at all costs. However, the reality is that it has not been enough to prevent the fake watch industry from generating millions of dollars annually.

Many people argue that if you are only buying it and not selling it, you are not breaking the law. Unfortunately, the police, the original watchmakers, and public opinion differ quite a bit. Buying fake watches not only negatively impacts the economy, but it also affects all the people who work in that industry.

There are real chances that acquiring a fake watch will get you into legal trouble if it shows that you were aware from the beginning that it was an imitation. If we see it from another point of view, a smartwatch has the purpose of making us see, precisely, elegant people and truly elegant people do not tend to break the law.

2. You will not cheat an expert

Ordinary people who are not in the industry probably cannot find the difference between a good clone and an original watch. But any collector, appraiser, or a person who may want to sell it in the future will surely realize that it is a fake watch. This will not only ruin your reputation but also imagine that the person who discovers that you have a fake watch is your boss or a potential client, with what kind of image about you will you stay?

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3. They can confiscate it

You can consider yourself lucky if the only consequence you face from buying a fake watch is for others to discover it and pass a great shame. However, if your fake watch is discovered by industry agents, there can be serious consequences. The least of them is that they confiscate that merchandise and you end up losing what you paid in the first instance for the watch, but you could also face charges of all kinds in which it is shown that you are not a producer.

4. The fake watch industry affects innocent buyers

Experts agree that 15% to 30% of all internet searches for famous brand watches like Longines, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, TAG Heuer, etc. correspond to people who are looking for imitations that may go through originals. The greater the demand for imitation watches, the greater the motivation of the producers to sell them.

But the fact that a person is looking for a fake watch does not mean that another Internet user is also doing it; Perhaps he is looking for an original and ends up acquiring a replica by mistake, convinced that he was acquiring the product he wanted. Many times, innocent buyers can fall into the unspoken trap since most copy producers obviously do not specify that they are copies, and simply let customers deduct it for prices far below the originals.