For anyone still sitting on the fence about going on-line with their funeral business, here are some realities to check once more. Amazon didn’t kill retailers, but the poor customer service and lack of experience did. Uber didn’t mean the end of the taxi business either. It was the limited access and fare control that took its toll. And Airbnb isn’t putting the hotel industry to an end either. It’s the pricing and the limited availability that impact the hotel industry, nevertheless.

Is technology bad for the funeral business?

It’s evident by now that it’s not the technology that puts an end to your business. If you still didn’t get it by now, let’s remind you that it’s your lack of focus on the customer that may impact your business for good.

Truth be told, the funeral business has its particularities, and it’s not easy to comprehend the effects that technology could have on it.

Instead of focusing on how dangerous cremation is or how pricey the funeral homes can be, we’d instead concentrate on the benefits of technology and access to information on nowadays customers.

Who’s educating whom?

It doesn’t take to be a rocket scientist to know that many people still believe that funeral directors are still trying to win a fortune at the expense of people’s grief. Even if that’s not entirely faux, it’s also not entirely true.

But it’s because people still don’t get the importance of the general price list. Customers aren’t aware of the things that the necessary service fees contain, nor have the general idea about the basic service fee. Some customers have also heard that the embalming isn’t required, so they ‘re convinced that people are trying to rip them off when the funeral home is charging for embalming as well.

Educated customers are a familiar presence nowadays, and people reach the information a lot easier than in the past. Searching for information has never been easier, which is why it’s up to you and your website to provide the most accurate information.

What do customers find out on-line?

There is a lot of information out there that you cannot control, and the customer is only one click away from it. here’s what your possible customers may find out on-line:

  • The funeral service is more affordable when the body isn’t present
  • They shouldn’t pay for the funeral upfront
  • It’s typical for a package to also include services that aren’t necessary
  • Embalming is optional
  • They can find out who’s owning the funeral home
  • The caskets are also available in Wal-Mart or Costco

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Always value transparency

If you don’t want your customers to have all kinds of misbelieves about your on-line funeral business, it’s better that you control the information. Always be transparent about your prices, products, and services. You should also provide the data even before the customer realizes that he/she needs it.

Not having pricing on the website is a bad idea, and it can actually throw some customers off. The chance for customers to go away when there are no prices listed is quite high, and they can end up going with your competition.

When people don’t see the prices, they can also assume that the prices are high. It must have happened to you to go to a restaurant and leave it when the prices weren’t listed.

Just because you don’t display the prices on your website doesn’t mean that your customers cannot find out it! Your competition may very well view your prices on their website. Do you want that?

Never be afraid to answer the trickiest questions!

As we’ve mentioned, today’s typical customer is an informed one, and you should provide him the information he’s looking for. Don’t be afraid to provide all the details on embalming, for instance.

Highlight the fundamental aspects of embalming, and name the reasons for which everyone should consider embalming as part of the funeral service.

Don’t be afraid to talk about the prices of caskets, while explaining the differences between the materials used and the costs as well. Be honest and remind your customers what type of caskets you’re selling. It’s not a bad idea to also tell them about where they can find caskets that you’re not selling at the moment.

Always explain the service fees, as it helps the mourners not feel cheated by your business. When they doubt some of your services, they will likely move away and go with a competitor. Honesty is going to give you more customers, for sure.

When dealing with the death of someone you love, you lose some of your ability to think straight as you’re highly emotional. You don’t have the energy to deal rationally with every aspect of the funeral service. Offering bright and complete information will help the mourners sign with you for the whole process.

Go all in

Don’t be afraid to address the most challenging content related to a funeral service. Post the information on the website, social media, and blog. Make sure that the data is easy to access and that your website is highly intuitive. It’s useless to provide fantastic information if your customer has difficulties reaching it.

It’s the part where you want to invest in a good website. You should also print some of the information and give it to the family at some point.

Have personnel that is well trained and willing to answer all questions of customers. One obvious thing is that the market of the funeral business is always changing, and the online store is growing as we speak.

Instead of a conclusion

Technology isn’t putting the funeral business to an end. However, it does bring change, and the on-line funeral business isn’t going away anytime soon.

If you’re not on board just yet, remember that it’s the poor consumer education and lack of honesty that drives a customer away, and not the Internet. It’s not the alternative method of burials that kill the funeral industry, either. But it’s the planning of plane and generic funeral service that makes your possible customers that go with the competition.