Being a college student means facing different types of challenges every day. Obtaining higher education has never been a simple matter. However, today, with the right tools, students can reach success faster and easier!

Academic writing requires lots of skill, research, critical thinking, and, of course, time. Mastering this art can take years. However, with a bit of patience and the right resources, you will reach the goal way faster!

Below, we have prepared a list of top five sources that should be at every student’s hand when working on your coursework or any other paper. Let’s see what we have!

Essay Writing Service

Are you feeling stuck with your coursework or its separate parts? Or maybe you happen to lack time for editing and proofreading? No matter what the situation is, is the service that will come to your rescue!

This is a professional service that offers A-level academic assistance. Whenever you are short on time or can’t handle a specific task, you can turn to expert writers from essay writing service and order a brilliant paper!

Besides, they also have a blog that will help every student! There you can find lots of tips and tricks that will definitely boost your skills!


Research is the most significant part of writing any paper. To write flawless coursework, students will have to conduct in-depth research to find the necessary literature, facts, and data. Of course, you could do it the old-fashioned way and visit your college’s library.

Yet, nowadays, anyone can do the research without leaving the comfort of one’s house by using JSTOR.

JSTOR is one of the biggest online libraries meant for academic research. This platform contains many scholarly journals, books, and primary sources.

With the help of this online library, searching for trusted sources is easy. JSTOR is intuitive in use and offers an advanced search of materials by the publisher, subject, title, and other characteristics. Without a doubt, it is an excellent tool to have at hand while writing your academic papers!

This service is a real catch for all students, regardless of their academic level. On the official website of one of the US best universities, students can find a complete academic writing course divided into separate modules.

girl, woman, working

This course takes students from point A to B in this niche, explaining how to write top-notch papers step by step. Five helpful modules of the course inform on:

  • How to use sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary properly;
  • How to develop your vocabulary;
  • How to set the right tone;
  • How to shape sentences and paragraphs;
  • How to write thesis statements;
  • How to avoid plagiarism;
  • How to cite and create references;
  • How to plan and outline your paper;
  • and much more!

This website doesn’t focus mainly on writing a coursework, but it will come in handy to everyone, regardless of their needs and level!

Cite This for Me

Plagiarism has always been a pressing issue for college students, so everyone strives to avoid it. The easiest and smartest way to do this is to learn how to cite your resources.

For many inexperienced students, creating citations may seem too hard and complicated. If you are among them, don’t worry because with Cite This for Me, you will never have to worry about improperly cited references again!

This source allows you to generate flawless citations to any type of resource in Harvard, MLA, APA, and other styles. All you need to do is pick the style required and provide basic data about the source you’ve been using. Voilà, in a few moments, the system will generate the citation for you!

This is definitely a great website that every student should have among one’s bookmarks!

Center for Academic Writing

The Center for Academic Writing created by the Central European University is established to help students increase their proficiency in composing all types of papers for college. Here, you can find plenty of writing courses and sign up for a personal consultation with a professional writing instructor.

Besides, the Center for Academic Writing offers a complete list of beneficial writing resources. It is available to everyone for free and can help one find some additional sources needed to create top-notch coursework.

Therefore, we recommend every student to visit the website and see if they can find some useful sources there.

Final Words

Writing academic papers has always been one of the biggest struggles faced by students of all ages. Starting from middle school, pupils are assigned to create numerous papers, but even by the time they enroll in college, most still have no clue how to write well.

Hopefully, the sources given above will help you make the writing process less stressful and get a high grade with ease. Good luck!