When you are in a hurry, the ability to write essays quickly is of great importance. This way, you will be able to complete the task before the deadline, as well as be certain that you have managed to demonstrate excellent writing skills in your essay. However, fast essay writing is a skill you need to learn and master.

While googling something like “write my essay fast” or “I need to write an essay fast” seems like a logical thing to do, one of the most effective ways to accomplish an assignment quickly is to think outside the box. Here are five amazing tips with the help of which you will be able to master the skills of fast essay writing.

Write a catchy introductory paragraph

Being able to write a catchy introduction is one of the most significant aspects in fast essay writing. When you manage to attract the reader’s/professor’s attention right away, there are more chances that they will get interested and keep reading. No matter how many writing essay books you read, one thing is clear – you need to know who your target audience is and how to make sure they stay with you. Every fast essay writer will tell you that the best way to impress your professor is to submit an unconventional piece of writing. That is the reason why your introductory paragraph has to be catchy.

Create an outline

When you have a plan, it is easier for you to figure out how much time you need to deal with a task you have been given. The same rule applies to fast essay writing. Having an outline gives you some perspective.

What is more, you get a clear picture of what you are going to talk about in each of the paragraphs of the main body. Another vital aspect to highlight is that creating an outline for each of the academic writing tasks you need to deal with helps you accomplish the next one faster as you have a set of guidelines to follow. Learning how to create an outline is one of the most important aspects in both online learning and offline learning.

Having mastered this skill, googling something like write my essay fast will be of no interest to you as you will already have a set of skills you require to write and submit an excellent essay.


Another amazing tip that will really come in handy when you need to write essay fast is to brainstorm. Sometimes, allocating 30 minutes for writing down any ideas that come to your mind is more effective than working on the accomplishment of this task in a more traditional way.

What is more, you write faster when you are excited about the subject or have a lot to say about it. Brainstorming helps you figure out how to better approach the issue in question. As a result, you get additional motivation to hand in an impressive essay. You are obviously aware of the fact that some of the best ideas come to you last minute.

Having such brainstorming sessions when you are pressed for time helps you demonstrate some of your best writing. Besides, you will have enough time to write a traditional essay even when the deadline is soon. Try to think outside the box.

Developing this skill helps you to stand out. As a result, you learn how to come up with unconventional ideas for your essays within the shortest period of time. Try it once and you will see the advantages of being able to brainstorm ideas right away.

Write down key sentences

Writing down key sentences before you get down to the actual writing of an essay helps you get a better understanding of what your essay is going to be like, as well as what it will be about. What is more, you will not forget what you wanted to say.

When you write a few key sentences for each of the paragraphs, you will know whether you have managed to dwell upon the issue in question in full or not. Apart from that, it will also be easier for you to determine what aspects you need to add, as well as how much time you need to allocate on conducting a research study and gathering evidence.

In general, one of the most effective ways of dealing with essay writing is to create an outline and to write a couple of key sentences for each paragraph or each idea you want to discuss in detail. Preparation is key when it comes to fast essay writing. Make sure that you are on top of your game when you are pressed for time but still need to submit a high-quality piece of writing.

Revise your writing

The last amazing tip to mention in regards to fast paper writing is to have enough time to revise what you have written. Ideally, take a short break, focus on something else and come back to your writing. This way, you will be able to view your essay from a different angle and spot any mistakes or parts you are not particularly happy with. What is more, you will have an opportunity to rewrite or rephrase those paragraphs which you don’t like. The key aspect here is having enough time.