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As a country, China is known for its hard-working people and work ethic. There are also a lot of higher education institutions that have received world recognition for their attainments in science and can offer exciting degree programs to local and international students. Many of the universities get prestigious places on global university rankings and offer impressive English-language degree programs to foreign students. In case you are an international student thinking about doing a study at a Chinese university, here are the best institutions in the country you should consider first of all.

Beijing Language and Culture University

Beijing Language and Culture University, also known as BCLU, is one of the top university options for international students. One can get excellent opportunities to study the local language and explore Chinese culture. Considering the status of this university, many foreign higher education institutions look for opportunities (mostly funding scholarships) to place their students for a course or a program here.

There are enough campus buildings to accommodate local and international students who can also take care of the matter by themselves by applying for accommodation on the university’s website. You can also find information regarding admission requirements, employment, catering services, facilities, and apartment reservation on their website.

It is also a great place to study Chinese since you get to practice Mandarin with the local Chinese students who are usually very happy about making foreign friends. The multiple English-language degree programs here make this institution a very reasonable choice for international scholars.

Peking University in Beijing

Peking University is one of the most welcoming higher education institutions for international students. In the 2020 QS World University Rankings, it was recognized as the 22nd best university. Founded two centuries ago during the late Qing Dynasty, it is a major research university in Beijing. For decades, this institution has been in the center of all “intellectual movements” in China. It welcomes students from all around the world, and one can see if they are eligible to study here right in the “Application” tab.

This university is known for its facilities as it can offer anything a student might need for comfortable university life. Apart from being on the top of the “best Chinese universities” lists, it also offers students a great campus with affordable food. International students, even the ones that have a low budget, say that they can try the local cuisine here.

There is a separate international relations office that was set up to help international students when they face some challenges. Studying programs are available in Chinese and English. All international students get accommodation in dorms.

University of International Business and Economics

This university is the best option for those who want to study business while also interacting with international students and getting some first-hand language and cultural experience. Established in 1951 and located in Beijing, it is famous for its studying programs in finance, law, foreign languages, economic, management, and many other fields.

This university became international in 1954 when it started welcoming students from all around the world. The foreign culture is driving the university even today. There are students from France, Finland, Germany, South Korea, America, Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Japan, and many other countries, all of them obtaining a degree there. That’s why it is fair to say that this institution is a melting pot of nationalities. Learning programs are available in Mandarin and English. International students get on-campus and off-campus accommodation, it is usually determined on a first-come-first-served basis. There are also lots of professors coming from abroad to deliver lectures at this university. They are a part of the visiting faculty UIBE. The list of specialists includes Monica Thiel, Grant Richardson, and Hilton Root.

Fudan University

Founded in 1905 and ranked 166th in the list of the best universities in the world, this university claims to be the home to more international students than any other educational institution in China. The university is located in Shanghai, and it offers more than 350-degree programs as well as a few scholarships created specifically for international students. If you get to do a degree at an institution like this, it might be a bit challenging to keep up with your curriculum, especially if you want to explore the country and the local culture. In such cases, it’s best to find a legitimate essay writing service to help you find time for everything.

Fudan University also has excellent facilities for accommodating its international students. Additionally, the campus also offers services of a lot of restaurants, including an Islamic restaurant. There are 15 English-taught programs at the university, which include Chinese Politics and Diplomacy, Chinese Economy, and many others. There are also a few non-degree options if you want to be a visiting scholar. A lot of international students choose to study the Chinese language here.

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shanghai Jiaotong University is often referred to as the MIT of the East. In 1896, it was founded under the name Nanyang Public School. The university is located in Shanghai, and it has seven campuses to offer to its students. The entry exams here are known to be quite tough, but it also means that the institution maintains high educational standards. This university is mostly known for its attainments in engineering, computer science, electronic and communication systems. Still, in recent years, the humanities faculties have also been demonstrating impressive results in their respective fields. This university is considered to be one of the best in the world in the domain of ship engineering. Many of the university alumni become notable personas in China and around the world.

All students can expect to get accommodation help from the university. Some of them get to live in on-campus buildings, while others, especially the ones who are here just to study the Chinese language or do a non-degree course, will most probably have to live in an off-campus building. Whatever the case, the university administration can give advice and support in the matter.