We all have heard of the Kama Sutra, a Hindu book that is basically an A to Z of sex positions. Many people think that these positions are too hard to try. Yet, many of them are quite easy and very exciting. This book is full of practical and actionable tips for those who want to try more in terms of sex.

These positions are a great way for you to embrace your sexuality. So, if you are interested in learning more, take a look at the following 5 best Kama Sutra positions for beginners.


This is one of the easiest sex positions that escorts from practice the most. It is highly recommended for beginners. Your partner must lean back against a wall while spreading the legs as wide as possible. This way, the penetration will be very deep. In case the woman is much shorter than the man, then she needs to stand on something.

An ottoman would be an excellent idea. The Sammukha position might seem a bit awkward at first. Yet, it is an incredibly passionate and very romantic position. That’s because eye contact is very direct. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, it offers incredibly deep penetration.


Every couple should try this position once in a while. It is not complicated at all and the orgasm will be more intense. The man must lift the woman up, lock his elbows under his knees, and grip her butt with his hands. The penetration will be extra deep, and eye contact extremely direct. Moreover, there is the added benefit of making the man look like a champion.

Some of the Kama Sutra positions offer bragging rights as well as lots of pleasure. This one can be a reward for a time in the gym. London escorts have the necessary experience to perfectly do this position.


This is an excellent sex position for a quickie. Even if it doesn’t allow for deep penetration, it still offers lots of pleasure. Both partners must stand, facing each other. You put your hand under the partner’s knee and raise it off the floor. This will turn the two of you into a tripod. Then, penetrate your woman.


This position is also called the Reverse Cowgirl. The man must lie on his back while the woman sits on kneels on top of him, facing his feet. Many couples love this position because the orgasm is very intense. Maybe it won’t be very easy the first time, but with practice, you will do it a lot better and easier.


Acrobatic sex does not equate to pleasurable sex. This position is a comfortable one. It is a laid-back position that has the great benefit of being super pleasurable. In this position, the woman lies on her back and pulls her knees into the man’s chest.

She will rest her feet on the partner’s chest ad he kneels in front of her. With the man’s knees on either side of the woman’s hips, he can raise her hips onto his thighs and enter her.