K-dramas are a wonderful choice for everyone who wishes to get truly immersed in a new world, and experience a great spectrum of emotions, from pure joy or grief to everlasting hope. With incredible plot twists and romantic swoon-worthy main leads, there is no end to the myriad of feelings K-dramas will inspire.

We have compiled a list of some of the most addictive and unique K-dramas that have become real symbols of outstanding cinematography and remarkable scripts. Therefore, all the titles selected successfully combine outstanding acting skills with emotional storylines and thrilling scenes, making for an unforgettable watching session.

1. The Royal Gambler (2016)

If you are a gambling enthusiast, this exciting historical drama will easily become a new favorite for you. The 2016 K-drama portrays the life of a prince forced by circumstances to live as a commoner and gamble in order to get his revenge on the King. The two adversaries enter a betting match, where our hero wagers his very life and the King bets his Kingdom on the outcome.

If gambling is your thing, but want to stay away from the same mistakes as your favorite K-Drama characters, your safest bet is to stay away from land-based casinos. Instead, online alternatives are the way to go.

2. My Love from the Stars (2013)

Quite possibly one of the most astonishing love tales portrayed in a Korean drama, this unforgettable story follows Do Min-Joon, an alien who has been living alone on Earth for over 400 years. Our protagonist holds quite a cynical view of humankind and regards any human emotions as a sign of weakness.

After losing the only girl he has ever loved at the hands of humans’ cruelty, he rejoices at the thought that he will soon have the chance to return to his home planet. But his life will be irrevocably changed after meeting Cheong Song Yi, a young actress resembling the love he has once lost, reigniting memories of heartbreak and everlasting love.

Featuring Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun, My Love from the Stars is one of the most emblematic K-dramas of all time, inspiring several international remakes. The drama was honored by the 50th Baeksand Arts Awards, receiving nine nominations and three wins.

3. The Witch’s Diner (2021)

You can never go wrong with an exciting supernatural K-drama, and The Witch’s Diner is no exception. The 2021 series depicts a magical diner owned by a mysterious witch where people have the chance to be granted one ardent wish by ordering a random dish from the mysterious menu.

The customers will learn the hard way that magic always comes with a price. In order to see their wish coming true, they will have to lose one of the most precious things in their lives, which will become just another ingredient on the witch’s table. Additionally, the witch’s diner storyline is wonderfully completed by the love story which ignites between the two part-timers that help around the magical location.

4. True Beauty (2020)

Released in 2020, True Beauty brings forth an unforgettable series based on the successful webtoon with the same title, which is a ground-breaking success on its platform. The K-drama follows the fascinating tale of the average-looking teenager Lim Ju Gyeong, who becomes famous for her astonishing beauty once she masters the art of make-up by following YouTube tutorials.

Lim Ju Gyeong will gradually realize that her newfound fame and splendour are not enough to make her happy, for a new face doesn’t suffice for a broken heart. Once she gets emotionally involved with the only boy from high school that knows her real face, our heroine will discover what true beauty should really be about.

In a society where beauty standards are much superior to someone’s inner kindness, this revolutionary, ground-breaking K-drama offers an inspirational social commentary on the lengths some will go to fit in, at the expense of their own happiness.

5. Pinocchio (2014)

The universe depicted in this wonderful 2014 K-drama introduces the concept of a particular syndrome called Pinocchio, which makes people born with it unable to lie. Hence, the moment a person afflicted with Pinocchio tells a lie, they will automatically start hiccupping until confessing the truth.

The drama follows the tragedy of a family that gets destroyed by a falsehood delivered by news media. Our protagonist – the youngest son of the family – gets adopted by an elderly family after being found lost at sea. And for 13 years, the boy decides to keep the secret of his tragic past hidden.

Our hero shall fall in love with his guardians’ granddaughter, a Pinocchio girl, the daughter of the very reporter that published the falsehood that led to the ruin of his family. In an emotional tale of sacrifice and poetic justice, the viewers will come to understand how much ruin fake news can cause to a human’s life and witness the power love possesses to ignite hope in the darkest of times.

6. W (2016)

What if you could live inside the world of your favorite story? The 2016 remarkable K-drama portrays the story of a talented webtoon artist, who creates an immersive fictional world called W. Hence, the universe brought to life by the artist depicts the story of Kang Chul, an intelligent kind-natured man who is trying to escape the murderer that killed his entire family years ago.

The daughter of the webtoon artist develops a deep fascination for the character created by her father. Possessing the ability to enter the world of W, she rebels against her father’s decision to have the hero of the webtoon die at the end of the series and starts a journey against fate to save the one she comes to love.

The drama was highly praised by critics for its unique storyline, and the fans of the show became thoroughly invested in the development of the love story depicted. Hence, the actors that portrayed the main love interests won the 5th APAN Star Awards and 36th MBC Drama Awards for Best Couple.


Widely known for their fascinating and intense storylines, Korean dramas can go from hilarious to really dramatic, inspiring a myriad of everlasting emotions. Hence, we hope the titles included in our list will make for a remarkable evening, filled with excitement and thrills, and emphasize the belief that a happy ending is always within reach.