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Why is self-servicing so famous despise demanding efforts? It gives a sense of responsibility and belongingness.

Likewise, employees prefer certain things left to themselves, and one among them is monitoring their payroll and attendance.

This is why companies should implement an employee payroll portal for cross-checking payroll and benefits.

If you have decided to implement this system, we will help you with our insights to choose an ideal employee payroll portal.

This article will elaborate on the non-negotiable features you should consider while purchasing an employee payroll portal.

    • Employee attendance

Employees won’t have a manual record of attendance while working on tedious tasks throughout the day.

To know their leave balances and verify the attendance entry, an employee payroll portal is vital.

Choosing a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) with an attendance tracker will also solve payroll-related discrepancies through constant monitoring.

In that case, an attendance regularization must help the employees to correct their attendance through requisition to the employee payroll portal. Once the HR manager approves, the correction occurs automatically.

    • Leave off requests and confirmation

Without a proper system, employees have to wait for an email confirmation from the HR team for leave and other queries. This creates tension for the employees and annoys the HR manager when he has to take care of every menial task.

To satisfy both of them, an ideal employee payroll portal should have a leave application option.

It will be convenient for the employees to access readily from their mobile or laptop anywhere at any time.

Especially during emergency times, this option is a blessing. On the other hand, HR managers won’t feel burdensome to reply to every mail from the pile for leave.

    • Online Payslips

Employee payroll portal generates electronic slips to all your employees. Switching from manual payslips to online payslips has numerous advantages for both employees and the organization.

It is a cost-effective method at the same time, environmentally friendly. From the employees’ perspective, they can access the payslip anywhere and anytime.

Additionally, they don’t have to worry about storing all past payslips as everything is secure in one place.

    • Mobile-friendly services

Not every time employees can access their systems and a personal laptop to check their salary revisions and attendance details.

Like any other software, choose a mobile-friendly tool that runs both in android and iOS versions smoothly.

It also allows the HR managers to notify their employees frequently of the shift changes.

Besides, an employee payroll portal with a shift calendar facilitates the employee to overview their shifts for the entire month.

    • View Documents

Rather than allotting the work of uploading each employee’s documents to your HR team, you can give that responsibility to your employees themselves.

It ensures the safety of the document and eliminates the risk of error at the same time.

Besides, only the HR managers can access all the employees’ documents; thus, damage or misuse can be eradicated.

Additionally, it benefits the company to notify the employees regarding the policy revisions instantly.

    • Notification and alerts

Remembering the expiry dates requires robot level memory power. Unfortunately, no human has so much level of alertness.

Don’t worry. An employee payroll portal generates an automated notification to your system or mobile about the expiry of your passport, driving license, birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays, and changes in shifts.

You can even preferably obtain the income tax declarations based on your income without any manual interventions.


We have listed the mandatory features essential for an ideal employee payroll portal in this article. If you feel we have missed out on anything, tell us about them in the comments below. Also, please share with us about the software you provide your employees for automation.