Over the last few years, the popularity of Korean TV series was snowballing. More and more people from all across the globe seem to get hooked by Korean dramas.

There are quite a few reasons that explain such a huge popularity of K-drama. First of all, it is the accessibility and a variety of choices. There are plenty of options that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding audience.

Also, it is worth noting that every Korean drama looks quite appealing; it is like an eye candy that leaves you wanting to see more.

Finally, such series have a convenient format. Traditionally, every TV series consist of 16-20 episodes, which is just a perfect length.

Here, you won’t find yourself waiting for a new 14th season to arrive. You just watch those 20 episodes, and you get the whole plot uncovered and can move on to something else. Isn’t that cool?

Looking for some nice Korean TV series? Each show from our list is definitely worth watching for any student! However, keep in mind that Korean dramas can be pretty addictive.

These series can easily swallow you up with a single episode. So you won’t even notice how you ended up watching the whole season overnight and missed all the deadlines for your homework.

Therefore, before you start watching any show from our list, try to make sure that there are no urgent tasks you need to do. If there are a few, be sure to take care of them in advance or have a reliable custom research paper writing service by your side to cover your back!

Otherwise, academic pressure and tight deadlines can spoil your marathon of Korean TV series.

Now, let’s get to our list of the best new Korean series about college life and student love.

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Love Alarm 2

This is probably one of the best Korean TV series released in 2019 that cover school life and love. It shows us an interesting interpretation of the future. In the center of the plot is a new dating app. Students are widely using the application, and it affects the way they behave in the real world.

Watching this show, you will likely feel like it is a good episode of Black Mirror. The style is quite similar, but it is a whole new, unique story. In 2020, we expect to see the second season of this drama.

Romantic Doctor Kim 2

The second season of the popular medical drama is expected to arrive in January 2020. It tells us the stories of talented medical students, their college lives, troubles, and, of course, love affairs.

When the first season was released, it gained enormous popularity all over the world. The second season features the same actors and is expected to be a real blast.

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Released in 2018, this series is not as fresh as the previous two. However, it is definitely worth to be on your watch list!

The epicenter of a plot is a young woman who has started a new life after getting plastic surgery. The story takes place on campus and focuses on an eternal question “what is real beauty?”

Through 16 episodes, it tells us all about college life, issues the students face, their feelings, and love. This is a very romantic drama worth watching!

A-Teen 2

Another great option on our list of the best K-dramas is a second season of the popular series named A-Teen.

The plot focuses on teenage love and worries. It tells us what changes students are going through and what challenges they face at different stages of their lives. The plot is engaging, and the show itself is of high quality, so it is worth watching as well!

My First First Love 2

The second season of the Netflix original K-drama My First First Love was released in June 2019. The story of the first season takes place in college and tells about a student who shares a house with his friends. It is all about relationships, troubles, worries, and love.

The second season continues the story of three friends and focuses on a typical love triangle. It is thrilling, engaging, and extremely fun to watch, so be sure to check it out!


This series is among the all-time best K-dramas every student should watch!

The Heartstrings perfectly depicts the life of a college student. The plot has everything you expect from a perfect college series. There are friends and enemies, talent and ambitions, jealousy and support, friendship, and love.

It tells us a story of a student Lee Shin (majored in Western-Style Music), who is a leader of a music band famous on the campus. There is also a character of Lee Gyu-Won, who majors in Traditional-Style Music.

As you can imagine, two students cross paths and start off on the wrong foot. What happens next and how their relationships transform growing into something deeper is what you will find out watching this series.

Age of Youth (Hello My Twenties)

Our last recommendation on this list isn’t as new as most other options. However, it is one of the best college-themed K-dramas ever released! It tells us about the interesting age twenties is and campus life with all associated benefits and challenges.

In the center of the plot, there are five girls who are all very different. They share a house at university.

The series reveals the unique stories and personalities of every girl. It shows how they interact with each other, what events take place in their lives, how they handle different problems and reach their goals.

Without any doubt, it is a TV show worth watching if you are a student!

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The Bottom Line

The growing popularity of K-dramas around the globe causes the expansion of their production. More and more exciting series is being shot to pamper fans from everywhere.

Apart from college-themed dramas, there is also plenty of worthy series in other genres. There are breathtaking thrillers, heartbreaking romantic stories, and much more. Everyone can find a suitable option here.

In 2020, we expect even more great TV shows to arrive. So, keep an eye on updates to discover new exciting stories!