Kratom is no longer a newly-discovered herb at the global level. Bit by bit, it is receiving popularity to the bigger world being that it is already well-known in the US and the Southeast Asian countries.

the current kratom statistics show that it is still quite unpopular. It has raised controversies and instigated concerns because no scientific research gives conclusive details about kratom. And for that reason, the internet displays varying kratom information based on the few user experiences.

Several questions are running in people’s minds concerning kratom capsules. And some are frequently asked on online platforms in a quest to finding clarity. The good news is that we, Bulk Kratom Now, come in handy in answering the most common kratom questions in the most elaborate, self-explanatory, and concise manner.

1. What exactly is kratom?

this is the first question somebody completely a novice will ask out of curiosity. It’s only in asking that you kill ignorance and embrace enlightenment irrespective of whether you are a first-timer or an experienced user in the kratom industry.

So, what is kratom? Kratom is just a plant or more of an evergreen tree that is nothing different from those you see is nothing out of this world. The natural herb is grown in Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Borneo specifically for its magical leaves. Basically, kratom is indigenous to these countries.

Its leaves are harvested for drying which is then packaged and shipped for sale. Any kratom commodity you see on online stores ranging from kratom capsules, tinctures, to powder are a product of these kratom leaves.

If you didn’t know, kratom belongs to the same botanical family as coffee though more powerful and medicinal. Do not mistake kratom for coffee. The two are totally different with just one thing in common identified in the preceding sentence.

2. Why do people consume kratom?

Kratom users enjoy its recreational and therapeutic benefits and that gives them the zeal to buy kratom not just once but several times.

In fact, most kratom enthusiasts claim they were pleased with the drug from the very first day and they got no plans of terminating its use.

Some take kratom in low doses as an analgesic or to treat anxiety or depression. Others specifically in high doses to induce a feeling of relaxation to the body. however high doses are not a good choice as it may cause harm. Be strict on the dosage for safety purposes.

3. Is kratom an addictive drug?

Well, kratom just like any other drug, becomes habit-forming when used on a high frequency. Once you gain kratom tolerance, you feel the urge to increase the dose and without realizing it, you find yourself overly-dependent.

It’s sad when you cannot function or work without a pinch of kratom. Though, the ball lies in one’s court. It’s upon you to limit the intake of kratom to avoid severe addiction.

4. Which are the most popular kratom strains?

Kratom exists in a variety of strains. All may be good, but there are those most seasonal users affirm to be the best from the whole lot. But that does not mean if it is their cup of tea it would be the same for you too. To you, it might be another being that you are still exploring.

Here is a compiled list, we recommend you consider in your bucket list:

Red/green Maeng da

Red Bali

White Borneo

Super green Malay

5. What does it mean by kratom potentiating?

Heard of kratom potentiators? With that hint in mind, then you got a clue about what kratom of potentiating is. Sometimes you gain tolerance in the use of a certain substance which lessens the love for it and kratom is not an exception.

Best done, kratom is potentiated using other substances known as potentiators. Potentiating is boosting the effects of kratom associated with the use. Once potentiated, you will enjoy the full potential effects of kratom. Kratom potentiators include the likes of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, turmeric powder, magnesium, and more.

6. Is kratom very expensive?

Kratom is presumed to be expensive but that is not the case. Just like most commodities in the market, kratom is available in a wide array depending on the quality levels, and that in turn, affects the prices proportionally. The higher the quality, the higher the price in simpler terms. Therefore, there are price ranges.

Most high-quality kratom forms are powerful and medically useful in relieving pain, anxiety, or depression which makes them slightly expensive. But you should not feel compelled to buy this kind of kratom if you genuinely do not need those effects. You can opt for other kratom products that are more affordable and budget-friendly. Luckily, inexpensive ones are available too.

7. Is kratom legal in my country of residence?

You may want to use kratom being you are a newbie but one thing still prevents you from making this move. You are not sure if it’s legal in your country. Do not worry anymore.

Kratom is indeed a controversial drug to the extent it’s illegal in some countries. Well, fortunately, the countries that affected its ban are the minority but it’s good you be conversant. Do not be surprised if your country is among them.

These countries prohibit the use of kratom: Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Denmark, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Singapore, and Myanmar. In the US, only six states illegalized kratom, and it’s known all over on social media platforms. Countries like the UK and Italy have kratom laws which vary from city to city. Africans are quite uninformed about kratom.

To this juncture, your question likely is well-answered. More so, you are aware of the basic kratom legal affairs of where you live.

8. Can I buy kratom in bulk?

It’s possible to buy kratom in bulk. This depends on your method of storage despite kratom having a short shelf life. As much as kratom bought in bulk saves you money, it is essential to think about how well you will store the large quantity. Make sure your storage container is sealable and airtight.

If not properly stored, the strength of the associated effects reduces gradually. Do not be reluctant just because kratom has no date of expiry. Ensure your purchased kratom is always stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Though it’s advisable to buy a reasonable quantity that will stay long before depletion. Most persons buy kratom in bulk with plans of reselling.