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Everyone has their own reason for enjoying betting. Although for most, profit is the main incentive, there are also those who love to bet on banal and unusual things, and earnings are completely in the background.

The most unusual bets have always attracted a lot of attention from those who not only like to bet but want to believe that a very unusual, and almost impossible thing will happen. They think – the more unusual the bet, the higher the chances, i.e. the winnings, so why not try? A bigger budget in the household this month won’t harm, right?

If you are also someone who would bet on anything – not just sports competitions through top online bookmakers – despite common sense, this text is definitely for you. Just keep in mind that we would not recommend such crazy bets to novice bettors. The most unusual bets ever, coming up…

  1. An Anonymous Welshman Who Beat All the Probabilities

The Welshman, who wished to remain anonymous to this day, placed a £ 30 bet in 1989 and said that five things would remain unchanged until 2000. The TV shows Home and Away, Neighbours, and EastEnders will continue to be shown, singer Cliff Richard will be appointed a Knight, and the band U2 will continue to perform. According to the bookmaker, the chances of all this really happening were 6,479:1.

After 11 years of waiting and uncertainty, it turned out that this man predicted all of this! He received £ 194,400 from an unfortunate bookmaker who could not believe what had actually happened. This anonymous Welshman was successful in predicting despite all the probabilities.

  1. A Man With $ 100,000 Worth Breasts

Brian Zembic has a ‘record’ full of insane bets. This man once lived in his friend’s bathroom for a month due to a $ 7,000 bet. Because of the other bet, he slept under the bridge for a week with $ 20,000 tied to his legs. However, Zembic ‘turned the game around’ in 1997, when he agreed to have silicone breast implants inserted in his body and live with them for a year for $ 100,000. Zembic found a plastic surgeon, who was also a gambler, and beat him in Backgammon so he got his surgery for free.

This guy kept the implants all year and won his bet. He then concluded that he liked the implants and continued to wear breasts for almost 20 years. Imagine this – Zembic turned down a $ 10,000 bet in 2014 to take them out. Finally, in 2017, he decided to remove implants at the request of his teenage daughter.

  1. Award for ‘Best’ Husband

You have probably heard of cases when a man puts his wife at stake during gambling. There are movies about this, too. Believe us, such cases are not rare, and even less often they have a happy ending. Unlike this one.

Namely, Andrey Karpov put his wife at stake in a poker game against Sergey Brodov. Tatyana, the woman in question, after finding out about it, filed for divorce. However, the turn of events occurred! Although Karpov lost everything, Tatyana was actually a big winner – after all, she married Brodov, who technically won her over in poker.

Tatyana claimed that nothing better could have happened to her. This is definitely one of the strangest and most unusual bets ever…

  1. Swimming Too Far

Matthew Webb became internationally known as the first person to swim the English Channel in 1875, doing it in 21 hours and 40 minutes. He became a professional swimmer and wrote a book entitled “The Art of Swimming”.

In 1883, he decided to invest $ 2,000 to swim the Whirlpool Rapids near Niagara Falls. It was a dangerous part with swirling water that no one was able to swim safely. Unfortunately, Webb lost his bet and his life – he drowned making the attempt.

  1. Who Will Be the Next Pope?

Many wonder why betting on who will be the next Pope is so common. Such predictions are quite weird. However, passionate bettors do not pay attention to such attitudes and compile a list with great enthusiasm so that one often wonders where their ideas come from. Who on Earth thought that the next Pope could be Bono, the singer of the band U2?

Although none of the outcomes in betting is impossible, it is fair to say that this is an extreme. But, never say never! Perhaps, winning this (or some other) unusual bet will surprise us. And maybe the odds will be appropriate? Who knows…

  1. Proof of the Existence of Aliens

At one point, back in 2016, scientists claimed that carbonates under the Martian mountains could prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. And, voilà – the perfect betting opportunity arose!

If scientists reached Mars with their discoveries, would we have to wait long for proof of real extraterrestrial life? Even then, bookmakers gave odds of 80:1 that the existence of aliens will be proven by 2020.

What do those who bet think about this today when 2020 has already passed? Well, nothing much for sure because these bets are coming back from year to year for brave enough bettors.

  1. Federer ‘Fever’

Tennis player Roger Federer won his first Wimbledon championship in 2003. In the same year, a man named Nick placed a £ 1,500 bet that Federer would win the Grand Slam at Wimbledon at least seven times by 2019. The chances of this happening were 66:1.

And while Federer met many times with his biggest rivals in the next few years, he managed to win the Wimbledon title seven times by 2012. Unfortunately, Nick died in 2009, before he found out the outcome of his bold bet.

He left his property, including the betting ticket, to the charity Oxfam, which received a winning payment of more than 100,000 pounds when Federer lifted the seventh trophy at Wimbledon.

  1. The Color of the Queen’s Ascot Hat

Every year, Queen Elizabeth prepares and dresses ceremoniously to attend the Royal Ascot, a prestigious horse race organized by the British royal family. That is when all bookmakers see an opportunity to make money – everyone wonders what color the Queen’s hat will be?

In 2019, there was so much talk about this that even experts had to be hired. However, none of those present were sure whether the hat was blue or gray. Bookmakers paid off those who bet on gray but there were many objections.

In the end, a confirmation arrived from the Queen’s residence – Her Majesty opted for a metallic gray color. We do not know if this can be considered the most unusual bet ever but we believe that it is one of the most bizarre. Isn’t it insane to raise so much fuss around the color of someone’s hat? Would you agree?

As we said at the beginning, a little fun hurt nobody. These most unusual bets not only made many laugh and have fun, but also brought some a lot of money. In the sea of unusual bets, you will surely find one that will interest you – maybe your luck will smile today!