Online casinos are making waves in the gambling industry, and well-known figures are all about it.

Celebrities and athletes alike are playing online because they know how easy it can be. Even if their love for gambling originated in a land-based casino, the online casino games are just as appealing.

From poker to sports betting, celebrities are getting involved in any way they know how to.

Actors, athletes, and musicians from all over are trying their hands at online gambling, making it more intriguing to everyone.

Michael Jordan

His Airness might be known for his legacy playing hoops, but he also has a history of gambling interest. He was known to sit at table games in casinos with his teammates before big games.

One of the games Jordan has been seen playing is blackjack. He commented on the change in the game over time and how modern players are nowhere near as competitive as he is used to.

Blackjack is now a popular online table game. It is easy to get involved in a game with so many online casinos and variations of the way it is played. Check out this cool summary review of how to play blackjack like a pro from Gamblers Daily Digest.

Because of his affiliation with gambling, Jordan could easily generate players for online gambling websites. It is easy to play the games he loves while on the road on a smartphone app or laptop.

Pamela Anderson

Maybe most well-known for her role on Baywatch or her risque videos, Pamela Anderson also dabbles in the gambling world.

She has a known history of gambling, especially at the poker tables. A controversy in the 2000s revealed that she paid off a night of gambling debts by having an intimate relationship with a man who offered to pay them.

She never quit the industry, starting her own online poker game. She is a huge name for online gamblers, promoting online poker and playing games in online casinos and even friends with Doyle Brunson (if you don’t know who that is, check this biography).

Ray Romano

A huge fan of poker and blackjack, Ray Romano is known for competing in popular gambling tournaments.

He has participated in the World Series of Poker because of his love for the game. While he did have a gambling problem when he was younger, he has managed to overcome it to play safely.

To stay away from the dangers of gambling, Romano tends to stick to virtual online sports betting now. He can easily wager and does not watch any sports for a few days after a loss.

Romano will occasionally gamble in online poker rooms to keep up with the game. He now knows to play in moderation to keep his finances safe.

Online poker can be a great way to learn the game or for high rollers to play in a more relaxed setting.

Gambling can mean winning money in small and sometimes large amounts, but it is also a fun way to pass the time and take risks which is why people often gamble according to WeeklySlotNews. Romano offers a great demonstration of how to overcome problem gambling and still play for fun.

Tobey Maguire

As it turns out, Spider-Man isn’t only into saving the day. He also seems to enjoy taking a gamble in the casinos, like Bitcasino.

While he is facing a lawsuit because of some winnings he may have obtained in an unsavory way, Maguire is now a big name in gambling.

Playing online is a better option to avoid running into trouble. He’s even played poker online. His popularity and association with gambling have made the online playing world more popular.

Charles Barkley

Retired basketball player and current commentator for the NBA, Charles Barkley now has staked a claim in the online gambling world.

While he wasn’t previously a huge name in gambling, Barkley admitted to his betting past. He has lost millions on gambling bets, but advocates for the legalization of sports betting nationwide.

Recently, he has partnered with a sports betting app that was released in New Jersey. He is making appearances in their commercials to promote the intrigue of sportsbooks and betting.

The legalization of sports betting is happening across the country, and Charles Barkley is here for it.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck loves gambling so much he got too good at it and had to be asked to stop playing blackjack. He learned how to count cards after playing so much that he was causing a casino to lose money!

Affleck plays an online gambling entrepreneur in the film Runner Runner, which shows a player that feels he is being cheated by the site.

This negative portrayal of the industry received so much pushback from legislators of online gambling. It is truthfully highly regulated to protect the players.

With Affleck tied to this industry, he can easily be viewed as an advocate for online gambling. His association with online gambling led to a rise in interest and a demonstration of its positive qualities.

Allen Iverson

Like Barkley, Allen Iverson is joining forces with a sportsbook app to promote sports betting in New Jersey.

As a former basketball player, Iverson is well-informed about the sports world. He also enjoyed gambling with his teammates, including Barkley.

He acts as a spokesman for the sportsbook company, shining more light on the online casino industry.

Charlie Sheen

As a self-proclaimed retired gambler (not a recovered addict!), Charlie Sheen loves to keep up with sports betting online.

He might not play any longer, but he uses online platforms as a way to get involved in his former hobby.

Sheen was also known to spend his days at live casinos, which he can also get a taste of online without setting foot inside one.

For those who are not interested in live gambling, Sheen is a great advocate for the online industry.

According to Adrian Sireca at OnlineCasinoGems, there are thousands of online casinos are all over the internet, but it is difficult to find just the right place to play. “Whether you’re a celebrity or a layperson, you’re faced with the tyranny of choices. So many options out there, so many distractions. If you want to get serious about online gambling, put in the time and effort to figure out what works best for you – including user experience, sign up bonuses, and on-going promotions.”

50 Cent

The rapper offers a highly positive view of gambling because of the fun he has had in casinos and sports betting.

He has bet huge amounts of money on professional sports, but also placed bets on silly things like reading a page of a book and posting explicit pictures.

50 Cent might now recognize just how much fun online casinos can be because of his interest in gambling.

Online sports bets come hand in hand with online casinos, and 50 Cent knows a little something about that.

These celebs are making it obvious that online gambling can be a fun way to win a little cash!