Cannabis is no longer considered the dangerous gateway drug that was previously advertised by President Nixon; it is now a healing herb with much to offer people suffering from debilitating diseases or conditions. According to a recent research study conducted by the University of Arizona and Duke University, long-term marijuana use didn’t lead to a deterioration in health.

They also discovered that it didn’t cause an increase in diabetes or high blood pressure. Regular use of cannabis does not relate to the regular use of tobacco products, even if it’s inhaled by using a pipe or bongs. Cannabis has a large variety of benefits from improving overall homeostasis to combating seizures – this powerhouse herb has so much to offer!

Cannabis Balances Metabolism and Weight Loss

Cannabis has been shown to reduce the overall percentage of fat accumulation, fasting insulin levels, and body mass index, based on 57.4% of people in a survey conducted in 2004 by Nunavik Inuit Health. When comparing the groups of individuals who self-reported as smoking marijuana regularly to those who didn’t, the statistical differences in measurements were quite drastic.

Another research study showed that marijuana consumers measured on average 1.5 inches smaller around the waist than individuals who didn’t smoke marijuana regularly. Cannabis has proven the ability to regulate human metabolism making it a factor in reducing the overall risk of developing diabetes. Cannabis has also shown to motivate individuals to get moving; athletically, to the gym, or improving the ability and desire to take a walk. Cannabis lowers inhibition towards social interaction or exploring the natural world.

Marijuana Fights Depression

Depression is a top-ranking health problem all over the globe, but marijuana is showing promise in fighting this illness. The human body has an endocannabinoid system that interacts directly with the stress-hormones that are known to cause depression. Supplementing the endocannabinoid system with cannabis use has shown to relieve stress; one of the largest factors in depression.

Marijuana Reduces Alzheimer’s Progression

The sixth-largest cause of death in the United States if Alzheimer’s disease – known for causing severe mental disability in individuals’ years before death. Cannabis has been shown to drastically improve the quality of life in Alzheimer’s patients due to its neuroprotective and antioxidant qualities. The specific chemical responsible for the benefits is THC; tetrahydrocannabinol.

Cannabis Reduces Inflammation in Arthritis Patients

Over 54 million people in the United States alone are suffering from arthritis and are limited in their ability to participate in life because of it. This is one of the leading causes of chronic pain in our country and marijuana has been shown to actively reduce inflammation in the joints leading to a more comfortable lifestyle. The first record of marijuana being used for arthritis is 4,000 years ago in China! THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the most common chemical compounds recognized for reducing inflammation and regulating the autoimmune system.

Cannabis Reduces Chronic Pain Symptoms

Almost every sort of pain has shown to respond positively to the pain-reducing qualities of marijuana. It has shown to reduce PMS cramp pain in menstruating women, reduce headaches and migraines intensity, and ease the sharp attack of back pain. Some of the most effective ways to find relief for pain reduction include edibles and topicals. The benefit of topicals is the ability to apply the lotion/salve to the affected muscle or body part.

Topicals are a great option for individuals who suffer from muscle aches, joint pain, or nerve damage. Keep in mind to never use topicals on or around the eyes or mouth unless it is specifically designed for it i.e. eye drops or tincture drops. Marijuana is also a fantastic option for individuals who cannot tolerate or need to avoid addictive opioids or liver-damaging NSAID’s. Marijuana cannot overdose.

Cannabis Reduced High Blood Pressure

In America, 1 out of every 3 adults currently has high blood pressure. If you are one of the many, cannabis can contribute towards lowering those numbers and contribute towards healing a stressed-out heart muscle. Hypertension is one of the most common contributors to cardiovascular disease as well as heart attacks and strokes. With a healthy lifestyle, cannabis can help return the body’s system back to a healthy balance. The leading causes of high blood pressure are tobacco use, poor diet and lack of exercise. Tackle those three things and add cannabis to your regimen to improve your risk of falling prey to a heart attack or stroke.

Eating Disorders Can Benefit from Marijuana Use

Many individuals around the globe suffer from a form of an eating disorder; often caused by external stresses and high expectations of reaching unattainable physiques. Cannabis has been known to help regulate the natural eating pattern in a healthy human and assists in reducing the anxiety of consuming food. If you or someone you know suffers from bulimia and other binge disorders, they might benefit from the consumption of marijuana products. Cannabis has been shown to stimulate appetite and induce a desire to eat.

Cannabis Reduces Anxiety in PTSD Patients

PTSD is most often contributed to Veterans of war but can also affect victims of severe abuse or individuals exposed to traumatic accidents like watching someone be murdered. Consuming cannabis has been shown to be helpful in reducing anxiety in individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder. Opioids have been shown to worsen the symptoms of PTSD, where cannabis has been shown to effectively reduce them. Cannabis has a direct relationship with the autonomic nervous system and can influence the body’s response to stress by regulating the fight or flight response.

Marijuana Reduces & Sometimes Stops Seizures

The non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD, has been shown to drastically reduce and sometimes stop seizure activity. On average there was a 51% decrease in the number of seizures suffered by patients according to a study conducted by the American Academy of Neurology. A specific strain of marijuana was created for a young girl who suffered from seizures but needed the psychoactive parts of marijuana removed in order to benefit – they named it Charlotte’s Web after the little girl. To this day, this is one of the most popular strains for patients seeking a less psychoactive strain to treat their ailments.