A wallet that matches your style will come with many benefits. The market provides many styles and plans of wallets to help people coordinate the accessory with their clothing and lift their general identity that establishes their connection in the eyes of the people they meet. Front pocket wallets are among the popular choices today. That is because they allow people to carry the necessary items for the day.

While your goal might be to remain minimalistic, you have to choose the best front pocket wallet and carry several items for the day. Some of the things you will rarely leave at home are your ID cards, credit cards, debit cards, cash, and Driver’s license. Apart from allowing you to carry such items, the best front pocket wallet will allow faster access to them. The days of carrying a hard stuffed back pocket wallet are long gone. Here are the other reasons you need a front pocket wallet.

Slim design

Front pocket wallets are designed to fit properly in the front pocket, coat pocket or a dress shirt pocket. That means that they are not bulky. Due to the slimness of front pocket wallets, users can maintain a low profile. The front pocket wallet you select will provide enough room for the necessary items alone. Back pocket wallets are known to provide more space, which most people might need.

De-cluttered life

You will never be embarrassed in a queue or when paying your bill in a restaurant after you have de-cluttered your life. A front pocket wallet does not offer any space for unnecessary items, which means that you will leave the unneeded credit cards, receipts, and the 10-year-old club membership card at home. Any item you do not need for the day will end up cluttering your life. A front pocket wallet offers the ID card, Driver’s license, a few cards, and a few bills.

Sit comfortably

On average, the Americans spend around 6 hours sitting. Sitting on a hard wallet for six hours would result in discomfort. That is the main reason you see most people shifting their sitting position from time to time. A slim wallet placed in your front pocket or coat pocket will allow you to seat comfortably throughout the day. You will also not think of it unless you need to draw a card or a few bills out of it.

No low back pain

Statistics show that over 31 million people in the United States suffer from low back pain. The huge bulky wallets they carry in their back pockets are the leading cause of this health problem. The nerves in our lower back coordinate and control the strongest and longest muscles in our bodies, which include the legs, buttocks, core and the back. Each time you place a huge wallet in your back pocket and sitting on it for many hours might cause many body mechanic problems. Sciatica is among the commonest form of back pain the wallets cause. The most effective remedy is to move the wallet into your front pocket.

Easier access to items

A front pocket wallet is easier to access compared to the back pocket wallets. So, when you need to pay for an item or to show your identification card arises, you will draw it from the front pocket and do that, including when seated. When using a back pocket wallet, you will be forced to stand.

Hard for pickpockets to detect

A crowd of people will indicate something is happening. However, pickpockets and other criminals know that crowds are great hunting grounds. They will, therefore, look for them and operate undetected. It will take a few seconds for a thief to grab a wallet from the back pocket and run with it. On the other hand, no thief or pickpocket will try to grab a wallet placed in the front pocket. They do not want to get caught.

Incorporated RFID-Blocking technology

Every sector is witnessing technological advancements. The modern credit cards, debit cards, IDs and driver’s licenses are fitted with chips to allow swipe-free access of information and payments. Unfortunately, that has allowed personal information thieves to get the details remotely. All they need to do is walk close to you and scan for numbers without alerting you. You do not want that to happen. To keep your cards and IDs safe, you will need a front pocket wallet fitted with RFID-blocking technology. Such a wallet will block any RFID signals from the thieves.

No ugly lines

Fashion-conscious people base their cloth selection on looks and they would not want unsightly lines to damage their good looks. A bulky back pocket wallet will never go with a skinny pair of jeans or customs suits. That is because they will make the back pocket look odd. To preserve the original intention or vision of the designer, you will need a slim front pocket wallet. Due to sleekness and slimness, the wallet will go unnoticed throughout the day.

Preserves your favorite pants

Perhaps, you have several pairs of jeans that you would want to wear for many years. However, if you have been carrying a bulky bifold wallet in the back pocket, the jeans will not last for many days. Even though every cloth will wear out after some time, a back pocket wallet will accelerate the wearing out. That is because you will have placed your body weight on the bulky wallet when sitting on it and creating a pressure point on the pants. Fortunately, you can eliminate the problem by transferring the wallet into your front pockets.

Carry the phone and wallet in one pocket

It is hard to place your keys, phone, and wallet in one pocket without developing an ugly appearance. The case is different with front pocket wallets. You can place the wallet, keys, phone, and any other additional item and maintain your slim profile. After that, you will access the items easily.

Which wallet is right for you?

Up to this point, you know why you should replace the back pocket wallet with a slim front pocket wallet. The market offers many front pocket wallets, so finding one to match your needs is easy. Before buying any wallet, investigate it to know whether it offers what the picture promises.