The good news is that the dentist confirms that you’re a prime candidate for dental implants. Now you have a choice to make. Will you go with dentures or will you move ahead with individual implants or All on Four implants? The team at Maple Dental Health can answer most of your questions about each option. Along the way, consider how you feel about implants versus dentures. The following may make it a little easier to decide which choice is best for you.

You Don’t Want to Deal With Adhesives

With dentures, it’s necessary to apply adhesives each morning before slipping the plates into position. That’s not something you want to make part of the daily routine. You’re also somewhat worried about the plates slipping out of position during the day. That would mean finding a private place to make some sort of adjustment and possibly apply a fresh round of adhesive. If this is not something you want to do, implants would be a better solution.

Implants Stay Where They Belong

Implants are not taken out each night. They remain where they’re supposed to be at all times. That’s one of the more attractive aspects of this solution. You can depend on them to stay in place even if you bite into an apple or chew on something that’s a little tough. In terms of avoiding issues when your dining out with friends or just carrying on a conversation, implants are an option that’s hard to beat.

They Also Don’t Require Replacing After Several Years

You may also like the fact that dental implants are made to last for the long haul. Unlike dentures that need to be replaced every seven or so years, the implants could easily last for the rest of your life.

Keeping the Natural Shape of the Jaw

Along with that longevity, there’s the fact that implants help to maintain the shape of the jawline. Over the years, no teeth can lead to the gums beginning to shrink somewhat. The result is that the lower part of the face can begin to look a little sunken. If you opt for implants, they fill in the spaces that your teeth once filled and there’s no shifting or shrinkage to worry about.

Taking Care of Implants is Much Simpler

There’s a whole new routine to learn when you wear dentures. From soaking them at night to cleaning them in the morning and using adhesive before putting them in, there’s a lot to learn. By contrast, much of the care for your implants is like taking care of real teeth. Brush after meals and use mouthwash whenever you like. There is even dental floss designed for use with dental implants. In terms of keeping your dental hygiene routine familiar, implants are definitely the way to go.

How do you feel about dental implants now? If this solution seems like the right one for you, have a word with your dentist. Discuss the process for receiving individual implants and compare it to the All on Four solutions. It won’t take long to settle on which approach would be best for you and set up the schedule for getting the work done.