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Do you often wake up tired and feel like you didn’t get enough rest? Not comfortable in bed and can’t remember the last time you changed your mattress? Well, it’s probably time to choose a new mattress. You will certainly notice the difference.

How important is it to choose a good mattress?

Only some people remember the importance of knowing how to choose a mattress at bedtime to ensure a light and pleasant night.

A good mattress helps you get a good night’s sleep, which is essential for our health, but that only sometimes happens. Often, we use poor quality and uncomfortable mattresses, and consequently, some health problems appear. However, just as a bad mattress can disrupt the quality of your sleep, a good one can give you the best nights ever.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that one-third of our lives, on average, is spent sleeping. Therefore, investing in a good mattress and cooling mattress protector is essential to enjoy this time with quality.

The two essential factors to consider are correct spinal position and comfort. In that sense, the mattress must support your body’s entire weight without sagging. Find out what to consider when choosing.

Materials used

There is a wide range of mattresses using different materials. So, know the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them.


This is considered to be the most used type of mattress. It is cheaper and consequently is the most sold in the market. Therefore, you can find them in any size, height, or model. You should pay attention to the quality of the foam when choosing. The thinner and softer ones can deform, while the harder ones can become uncomfortable, as they don’t completely mold to the body.


There are two types of spring mattresses: classic springs and pocket springs.

Classic spring mattresses are a type of spring where the metallic spheres are connected to each other through spiral wires. They have an inconvenience: when one of the people moves, the other feels it immediately. Therefore, it may not be the most suitable for couples.

Pocket spring mattresses: recommended for those who like a firm and durable mattress. It is a resistant model, ideal for couples because they adapt better to the body, and you feel fewer movements when a person moves.

Therefore, if you are considering buying a spring mattress, pay attention to your system. If you share your bed, pocket spring mattresses are more suitable for accommodating two bodies and ensuring a good night’s rest.


Despite being more expensive, latex mattresses can bring numerous advantages to your nights. First, latex is a material that adapts to your body and has perfect insulation, making this mattress more durable. On the other hand, they are more suitable for allergy sufferers, as latex is a material that protects against fungi, mites, and bacteria.

Memory foam (or memory foam mattresses)

The most recent and technologically advanced memory foam mattresses are guaranteed to be “highly comfortable.” The materials used in these mattresses adapt completely to the body without deforming the mattress. That is, it does not create “holes.” Generally, they support any weight and height without losing quality and comfort. People who want both types of quality in a single mattress choose the honey hybrid mattress.

It is not enough to choose a good mattress; it is also very important to take care of it. Otherwise, you will quickly have to buy another one. As with a house or car, a mattress needs care to increase its useful life. So, every morning, let the mattress breathe (for example, open the bedroom window and remove the bedding) to reduce the accumulated humidity. Also, turn the mattress whenever possible, either horizontally or vertically, to avoid deformations.