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It’s not only K-Pop, sushi, and Asian beauty products that Westerners continue to rush to get their hands on, but there are also plenty of gambling lovers that favor games originally from Asia – even if they don’t actually know it!

The majority of Asian casino games that Westerners love originally came from China, which has a rich history of strategic gaming and gambling. Variations of most of these games have been produced by Western countries, too, as they seek to make the game more exciting – or sometimes simply easier.

While there are plenty of Chinese visitors to gambling meccas like Macau, you’ll also see Western gamblers heading over to enjoy all the facilities that some of the world’s best casinos offer.

Let’s have a look at some of the more popular casino games out of Asia that Westerners can’t seem to get enough of, beginning with one that you probably had no idea was of Asian origin…


Believe it or not, the worldwide sensation game Keno is originally from China. Keno is similar to a lottery, except that it’s played in near real-time in casinos and online all over the world. Players choose 20 numbers from a list of 80 (in regular Keno), with wins based on matches of the numbers to the numbers of the random numbers drawn.

Keno can be a fun game to sit down with friends at the casino between rounds at the tables and have a leisurely game or two for a break.

Pai Gow

As you may surmise by the name, Pai Gow is another Chinese gambling game that’s often played in casinos and looks like you are playing dominoes – except the game is played all in rows. Pai Gow isn’t just popular to play in the streets, it’s also popular in casinos around the world, as well as online, too.

There is even a version of Pai Gow called Pai Gow Poker that is played with a card deck instead of the traditional dominoes – although this version originated in the US.

Sic Bo

One game that’s slowly gaining traction among Westerners is the casino game of Sic Bo. Unlike some other games, Sic Bo is a pure chance-based game and it is played using 3 dice. If you really like pure chance-based games, then Sic Bo could be a winner. Again, there are Westernized variants of the game, these being Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck.

You can find casinos around the world playing this game, as well as games online where you can play with a live dealer to get in on the action.


While not traditionally played in casinos, Mahjong is a world-famous game with origins in China that is usually played among friendly groups. However, that’s not to say that some casinos don’t get in on the Mahjong action, too.

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Made popular by its many appearances in film and tv

If you feel like playing a game of Mahjong then you are more than likely to find a meetup group than a table at the casino – but it’s worth a chance!

Asian-themed slots

While not would you would typically call an “Asian casino game,” Westerners do seem to have an affinity for Asian-themed slot games at casinos and online. Games like 100 Pandas, Triple Fortune Dragon, Lady of the Moon, Tokyo Nights Extreme, and China Shores all see plenty of traffic from Westerners looking to get a taste of Asian culture without having to leave their country.

It is possible to try out these slots for yourself. You can take full advantage of the free spins bonuses available at a range of online casinos.


Westerners love Asian casino games just as much as they love casino (and regular) games themselves. While some seek out higher-strategy games, others enjoy those that you can play just with good luck and fortune. In any casino floor in the world, if you seek out one of these mentioned games, you’ll likely find Westerners mixed among Asian patrons, with just as good a chance at winning as any.

With ancient Chinese games a staple in casinos and online gambling establishments around the world, it’s safe to say that these ancient games will be around for a very long time to come – even if it’s through Westernized variants.