Belarus is a beautiful country that is rich in unique natural beauty, gorgeous forests, historical sights, and architectural monuments. This country has its own particular culture and way of life. Here gambling acquires a certain personality and flavor.

Casinos and gambling establishments which open here cannot be attributed to any of the internationally recognized types: neither European, nor American, or Asian. As Darren Keane, Storm International CEO, said, the country itself is a mystery to Europeans. It was the Belarus casinos that we’re able to occupy a special, undiscovered niche of original casinos. The examples of such a unique discovery are the best casinos in Minsk, a beautiful Belarusian city, which is the country’s capital.

Currently, more than thirty casinos operate on the Minsk territory. Every year this number increases. Numerous casinos in the capital have been able to inculcate the gambling fan’s passion for various kinds of table games and slot machines, many of which are presented here in their best forms and solutions.

Casinos located in the capital of Belarus attract a huge number of tourists from around the world. Belarusian casinos are especially popular among Russians. This is due to the fact that casinos in Russia are officially banned with the exception of gambling zones, which are remote from major cities and are not strongly developed. Tourists from Russia are attracted by the high-quality level of service, a wide range of games, original designs and style decisions and much more.

The largest and most famous casinos in Minsk get the greatest popularity among guests and the country’s residents. Among them, there are such places as Victoria, Shangri La, Belaya Vezha, Global, XO club and others. These casinos are so popular primarily because by all measures they are the best gambling establishments in the country.

One of the largest casinos in the republic is Victoria Casino, which is located in the very center of Minsk. Next to the casino is a large hotel, which also bears the name of Victoria. This establishment operates around the clock and offers entertainment for all segments of the population.

But there are also other gambling VIP-level establishments in Minsk. These include Shangri La Casino. By the way, this is officially the best gambling establishment in the country, which was awarded the “Choice of the Year” award for 6 years in a row. This recognition has not been achieved yet by any other casino.

Shangri La Minsk attracts with its luxury and soulful atmosphere, as well as excellent cuisine. This is a casino, which is a part of the network, Shangri La, Michael Boettcher opened the first unit in 1992. Storm International manages the network in accordance with its own rules, based on the strict Las Vegas rules. For example, this is one of the few casinos that payout winnings instantly in the presence of all guests.

The unit is located in the center of Minsk in a separate building. Once inside, you are in the atmosphere of a luxury palace. In several rooms, you can play all the popular table games, as well as dozens of modern slots. Several times a week there are additional prize draws. Once a month, guests become owners of really big winnings. For example, Shangri La repeatedly distributed motorcycles, cars and even snowmobiles to guests.

The highlight of Shangri La Minsk is its own restaurant with the author’s cuisine, which is run by Mark Ulrich, a chef from Germany. The chef together with his team creates real masterpieces for the guests. On weekends, prize draws are accompanied by culinary events with national cuisines.

The numerous advantages of Shangri La are highly valued by foreign guests. Many people come regularly, as they found all the necessary conditions for a perfect holiday in this casino.