Buying an affordable product with the best quality is every customer’s desire. But not everyone is lucky, cheap products or in this case certain cheap cars can, in the long run, do you more harm than good, and you will eventually repent your decision.

It is better to spend some money at an earlier stage to buy a reliable car than to waste your hard-earned money. Good research in this regard is the key when looking to buy a cheap car that is not going to break down in the near future and will give you the best value for money.

Most people tend to buy cars that are cheap but have some cool features or have a cool looking design. It is important to remember that when buying a cheap or an affordable car, you must focus on its engine, transmission, and build quality rather than some bells and whistles which will break down in a short period of time.

Ask your friend or some relative and you will get a good idea as to which car is better in terms of the options that you are looking for. That’s how I get my first car, Honda Brio, a great option for me and most Indonesians.

In case you do not have a friend or a relative to guide you through this process, here we will guide you according to some respected resources such as Motorbiscuit and that from which car you should stay away and avoid spending money on it:

Fiat 500:

Though the car may look like a good small car and a good option for its price, it is one of the most unreliable cars in the automotive industry. Fiat has been known for making low-quality cars and in recent years the company has tried to resurrect the Fiat 500, but unfortunately, the car is prone to breaking down over the passage of time. Reportedly Fiat is considering pulling the 500 out of the USA market.

Ford Focus:

Although the Focus is not particularly a cheap car, it is affordable for many people and it has its market share. The focus has had complaints in the past about its transmission and builds quality and usually, it does not last as long as its competitors. Although Ford has tried to improve its image, the vehicles still did not score well on many surveys.

Volkswagen Jetta:

The VW Jetta is a direct competitor to the likes of Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic, but it does not have the same reliability and quality as that of its Japanese competitors. The newer models feature Gas direct injection GDI which injects the fuel at very high pressures and shortens the life of an already unreliable car. Besides its automatic transmission, the car is also notorious for oil burning issues.

Volkswagen Tiguan:

Another vehicle that is probably not that cheap but has the likelihood of breaking down is the Volkswagen Tiguan. Most reported issues are engine problems, electrical and power equipment.

MINI Cooper:

The entry-level MINI Cooper can be categorized as rather cheap. BMW owns the MINI brand as many people are aware of the fact that BMW is notorious for manufacturing engine parts from plastic. Over time, these parts crack due to extreme temperatures, which in turn makes the car unreliable.


FAW is a Chinese manufacturer of cars and usually, most of their cars are cheaply priced. The cost-cutting can be seen in their build quality, the interior is full of hard and brittle plastics, also the V2 does not hold up its value over time. The mainly reported issues are the brakes and the engine.

Chevrolet Cruze:

Chevrolet is a sub-brand of General Motors, and it was known as a reliable brand in the 20th century, at the beginning of the 21st century, the quality of their products started to go down. Owing to the massive popularity of SUVs Chevrolet decided to discontinue this car, so you get this car cheap but remember that you may end up regretting your decision.

SEAT Ibiza:

SEAT is owned by the Volkswagen group, and the car according to its user does not age well. Most of the problems are related to electric wiring, though the company resolved some of the issues under warranty, many owners had to spend money in order to fix their car.

Vauxhall Insignia:

The European manufactured car has a history of problems ranging from brakes to the engine. Almost 39% of the owners reported these problems out of which one-third had to pay for the repair costs.

Renault Zoe:

The French automaker Renault is notorious for its build quality and the Renault Zoe is one of its cheapest products. Like other cheap cars, the main issue was with its electrical system.

Nissan Qashqai:

After the takeover of Nissan by French automaker Renault, the company’s build quality has taken a downward trend. Nissan Qashqai had a series of problems including engine, suspension, and brakes. Though the company claims to have improved its build quality, customers continue to report a list of problems with their products, the most notorious being the Jatco transmissions.


You may have never heard the name of this car, but this Chinese company has expanded its operations in Southeast Asian countries. The vehicle in its new condition is cheaply made and it has not even passed the test of time, so it will be foolish to buy this vehicle, also its resale value is not even worth discussing.

Above mentioned cars are some of the cheaper and affordable cars, yet they are some of the most consumers reported unreliable cars that you need to avoid under any circumstance. Their price and looks may encourage you to buy them, but eventually, with the passage of time they will start to break down and it is then you will realize that your money was not well spent. It is a better idea to spend the money you have on a reliable used car rather than wasting it on a new car, that will even have a shorter life span than a used car.