The fuel injector is an irreplaceable mechanical device for your car. It plays the vital role of being the only contact point between the engine and the fuel pump. It ensures a continuous fuel flow to the engine for the most orderly combustion, guaranteeing less pollution. If you are looking for highly effective and reliable fuel injectors for your car, remember to check out the fuel injector by injector. Boodmo is India’s largest and most reputed online marketplace for car spare parts. You can find all the auto parts you need for your cars, like injectors, engines, interiors, steering, controls and sensors, wheels, and everything.

However, fuel injectors must undergo regular maintenance like any other automotive part of your car. Otherwise, they can develop serious faults that eventually damage the engine and its functioning. So, here are all the symptoms indicating your fuel injectors must have gone faulty or clogged. Read till the end and find out if your car needs a replacement or a maintenance session of the fuel injectors.

What Is the Role of Fuel Injectors?

Fuel injectors regulate the right amount of fuel spray into the combustion chamber at the correct time. They act like an electro-regulated valve that opens and closes several times in one second to atomize the petrol or diesel in the intake manifold.

The functioning of fuel injectors is quite simple to understand. At first, the fuel pumps pump the fuel into the injectors via fuel lines. Then the ECU or Engine Control Unit detects the correct time to make the injectors work using various sensors. It activates the injectors to spray fuel in the form of mist to the combustion chamber.

The injectors release the pressurized fuel through tiny outlets to ensure better efficiency. Unlike carburetors, fuel injectors can control the timing and the quality of air and fuel mixture. That’s why the performance and mileage of fuel-injected vehicles are way better than carbureted cars.

How To Know If Your Fuel Injectors Have Gone Bad: Symptoms of Faulty Fuel Injectors

You can diagnose some of the most common symptoms of faulty fuel injection yourself. Only some issues with your injector will be a piece of cake. However, you will get an idea of what you need to do. So, look at the five signs that indicate your car’s fuel injectors have become faulty.

● Unusual Engine Vibrations and Misfires

Do you often notice a delay after you press the accelerator? Or have you faced unusual misfiring when nothing was abnormal on the road? Well, these can be a sign of malfunctioning injectors.

If the fuel injectors of your automobile cannot read the command of ECU perfectly, they can’t deliver the correct amount of atomized fuel. Plus, the quality of the air and fuel mixture will be poor. In that case, the unusual accelerator drop and misfires will inevitably occur. If you need to replace your injectors, visit Boodmo to get the best-performing, long-lasting fuel injectors.

● Fuel Efficiency Drop

If you notice an unexpected drop in fuel efficiency, kindly pay attention to checking on your car’s fuel injectors. Fuel injectors are responsible for disposing of the correct quantity of fuel. If the injectors get dirty or clogged, they can’t perform effectively. So they will pump out more fuel to the combustion chamber than required. So get your injectors checked by experts if your car’s fuel efficiency drops suddenly.

● Foul Odor of Fuel

When you smell a bad odor in your car while you are not driving, it can indicate the failure of fuel injectors. In most cases, a foul smell occurs when an excessive amount of fuel gets pushed into the intake manifold. It means that the fuel injectors of your car are in bad condition. A leak in the engine bay or exhaust pipe is a significant threat as it can set your automobile on fire. So get your injectors checked properly before any damage happens.

● Vibrations When Idling

Sudden and abnormal vibrations while idling are also among the prevalent causes of fuel injector failure. When fuel injectors don’t work appropriately, the quantity of fuel inside the engine becomes improper. Either it can be more than required or relatively less than the engine needs. So, due to the unfortunate fuel amount, you may hear uncanny vibrations while idling.

● Car Starting Failure or Glitch

Another common sign of fuel injector failure is noticing glitches while starting the car. Sometimes, your car will only start if the injectors are performing right. Turn on the ignition and try to hear a slow ‘zzz…’ sound. It is foolproof evidence of broken fuel injectors that need to get fixed immediately.

● Check for the Engine Light

Engine light is a clear indicator when it comes to the symptoms of faulty fuel injectors. Check whether the engine light is on or not. If it’s on, know that the time to change or fix your fuel injectors has finally arrived.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining an automobile is sometimes tricky. You must ensure that your car’s auto parts are in the proper condition. The symptoms mentioned above are the most common indicators of lousy fuel injectors. Also, leaks and more emissions, unusual engine surges, and uncanny movement in the RPM gauge can determine faulty fuel injectors. So make sure to check for all these to ensure consistently high performance of your vehicle at all times.