“Bad Papa” MBC


Yoo Ji Cheol used to be a boxing champion in the past, known as a National hero. But he lost everything due to his bad decisions; now he is an incompetent husband and father, jobless due to being suspended for accepting bribes. While not being able to cover his expenses as the head of the family, facing the loss of his house and a very bad relationship with his wife and daughter, Yoo Ji-Cheol finds himself totally cornered and makes a dangerous decision, he takes up his career as a boxer but participating in an illegal boxing match in order to take the money prize and, according to him, solve all his problems.


Jang Hyuk As Yoo Ji Cheol

Ji Cheol is a police detective. He is married to Choi Sun Joo, with whom he fell in love at first sight and with whom he has a daughter named Yoo Young Sun. He was an undefeated boxing champion at the age of 20, respected and admired by all; however, during the so-called century combat against Lee Min Woo, where his title defense was at stake, he lost helplessly, which was an unexpected defeat and for which everyone criticized him. He lost his money, his reputation, and his much-appreciated family happiness. Yoo Ji Cheol being a reckless, impulsive and proud man, sees 11 years later the opportunity to return to boxing as he believes it will solve his problems.

Son Yeo Eun As Choi Sun Joo

Wife of Ji Cheol, she is a writer of erotic novels and saleswoman of massage chairs, in her youth she was a great sportswoman, as any mother she loves and wants to give the best to her daughter Young Sun and at the beginning of her marriage, she loved and respected her husband, but the many economic problems, bad attitudes, and decisions of her husband, have pushed her marriage to the limit.

Shin Eun Soo As Yoo Young Sun

Young-sun has been a great dancer since her childhood, with an innate ability for ballet. However, when she turned 6, Young Sun’s life changed as her father’s reputation collapsed, as it became known that he arranged the games. Yoo Young Sun, currently 17 years old, is a lousy student, and, as is typical of her age, is a rebellious and somewhat apathetic young woman. However, she secretly uploads videos on Youtube under the identity “Cat Mask” which are very popular and for which she feels a lot of passion. Although she left ballet, she could not do anything with her love for dancing and has many followers, especially her biggest fan, her father.

Ha Joon As Lee Min Woo

Champion of the MMA, sports superstar, he is currently number one in the ranking of average weights of the MMA and very popular for his fighting skills. Lee Min Woo was a very weak child, mistreated by others and from a low-income family, so he had a very difficult childhood full of sufferings; since he was little he was always in love with Choi Sun Joo, his best friend, but he never declared his love and let her marry Yoo Ji Cheol.

Bad Papa” is the story of a man who makes the decision to become a bad person in order to be a good father to his daughter. This drama is full of emotional, family experiences scenes, and dreams from each of the family members, it has many action scenes, of quite realistic combat but above all has an interesting argument that so far I’m not sure about how is going to result.

It has a cast of experienced actors like Jang Hyuk as Yoo Ji Cheol, he is doing a great job, devoting much effort to play a character that is frankly demanding, a man who struggles to not lose everything in his life, is an emotional and demanding role in a physical sense too (let’s not forget that he is a boxer) also Son Yeo Eun as Choi Sun Joo, deliver us the  character of a mother and wife who wants to subsist and support his family. And we can not forget the good participation of Shin Eun Soo, who despite being the member of the cast with less experience, expresses the thoughts and emotions of Yoo Young Sun with much passion.

Bad Papa“, is not a bad drama, I think it is a drama with a message in which families can feel identified and learn from it, and although it does not have as much audience ratings as the more popular dramas, is a drama different from what we see in the industry that can move the emotions of its audience.