Dubia roaches, a type of cockroaches are a very popular feeder. They are a preferred diet for amphibians, reptiles, and fishes because of their exceptional nutritional value. Many options are available for a diet of pet reptiles and amphibians so why should one opt for dubia roaches? What benefits do these insects carry that make them so popular?

High Protein Content

Dubia roaches top the list of feeders when it comes the protein content. They contain 22% protein.  According to a dry matter basis (DMB), dubia roaches are a phenomenal 54% protein. With dubia roach diet, the recommended upper minimum protein intake for captive insectivorous animals is easily surpassed.


A very interesting characteristic of dubia roaches is gut loading. Dubia roaches have a very long digestive tract that helps them load enough food that is good for at least 3 days. This means, even if these roaches fail to locate a food source, they can feed themselves for 3 days using the accumulated food. Do you what that implies? When you feed your pet with a meal of dubia roaches, you are feeding 3 days of gut load! Another benefit that dubia roaches have over other insects is that when the food is accumulated in the gut, it undergoes chemical changes by bacteria that make the food not only beneficial for the roaches but also for the animals that consume it!

Appropriate Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio

The ideal range of Ca:P ratio is 1:1 or 2:1. Dubia roaches have a Ca:P ratio of 1:1.5. In other insects, this ratio is quite low, but when you are feeding your animal with dubia roaches, you are giving them just the right diet with the right Ca:P ratio.

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Dubia roaches are particularly rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for your pets. Other insects do not have essential vitamins and minerals in a quantity that can be called sufficient. When you feed your animals with dubia roaches, you are ensuring that your pet is getting sufficient nutrition that will keep them healthy and fit.

They Are Clean

Dubia roaches prefer a plant-based diet, which means that the excreted waste does not smell foul. Moreover, excreted waste does not serve as a favorable diet for mites and fleas, making them rather clean and easy to take care of.

They Are Quiet

As you must have observed with other insects, they make noises. They hiss, chirp, o cluck but that is not the case with dubia roaches. They are not a disturbance during the quiet of the night, making them a better option as compared to crickets that are extremely noisy.

They Don’t Fly

Who likes insects flying around their homes? That is surely gross! The best thing about dubia roaches is that they can’t fly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your house swarming with creepy, crawling roaches.

Dubia roaches are definitely a thing. With so many benefits, no doubt people prefer feeding their pets with dubia roaches rather than crickets or worms!