If you have thought about choosing a country for treatment, Turkey would be ideal for you. The availability of state-of-art equipment and doctors with vast experience has allowed Turkey to take the leading place by the number of successful surgeries per year.

Hundreds of thousands of foreign patients visit clinics in Istanbul for treatment annually. A hair transplant in Istanbul is especially popular. The combination of a comfortable climate and modern equipment has made reaching a high level of medical care possible.

The secret of Turkish medicine

It is no secret that Istanbul has many architectural masterpieces and picturesque nature. Istanbul has always been known as a city for recreation. However, in recent years, Istanbul’s medicine has reached a new level, which has allowed it to become not only a city for recreational purposes but also a great place for treatment. Thanks to the development of medical tourism, Istanbul is among the top 5 cities regarding the number of foreign patients.

The high level of service in the clinics is provided by an individual approach to each patient. Almost all clinics in Istanbul have a JSI quality certificate, which guarantees a high level of patient care.

The main trump card of Turkey

Despite excellent results in all areas of medicine, hair transplant in Istanbul is the jewel of this city thanks to the vast experience of surgeons. The number of patients wishing to undergo treatment in Turkey is growing rapidly every year.

This popularity is explained by the fact that the price for cosmetic surgeries here is about 30% lower than in European countries. Despite the low prices, many countries try to achieve such a high level of surgery as it is in Turkey.

Hair transplant

The procedure is carried out according to modern treatment protocols and takes several hours, and its result remains for life. The effectiveness of hair transplant in Turkey is higher if compared to other countries. The pleasant climate and the noise of the sea will allow you to enjoy the whole treatment.

Experienced doctors from Istanbul aesthetic center will help you successfully undergo hair transplantation. Istanbul Aesthetic Center is an ISO certified hospital that specializes in hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery, and dentistry. It treats 3000 inpatients and 2000 outpatients annually. The clinic is equipped according to international standards. All modern methods, including Vaser ultrasound liposuction, FUE, and DHI hair transplantation, are available here. Modern equipment makes it possible to treat cancer with minimal risks for the patient’s health.

Cancer treatment

The key to the successful treatment of any disease is a fast and accurate diagnosis making. The state-of-art technologies allow Turkish surgeons to successfully treat oncological diseases of any localization and at any stage. In addition, Turkish clinics use the most advanced methods for cancer diagnostics:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Endoscopic ultrasound scan.
  • Radioisotope studies.
  • Cystoscopy.

List of the best cancer clinics in Istanbul:

Medipol University Hospital is the largest private multi-specialty complex. About 2300 patients are treated here every day. Here you can undergo treatment of any disorder, but the main areas of specialization are oncology and cardiovascular disorders. Experienced surgeons also successfully perform organ transplantation and bone marrow transplantation.

Medicana International Istanbul Hospital is the second most popular hospital, with over two thousand patients visiting it daily. It has a total area of more than 30 thousand square meters. A distinctive feature is the use of hyperthermal technology in the treatment of oncology. The clinic has one of the best levels of patient care in the country, which is confirmed by the JSI quality certificate.

The main advantage of Turkish clinics is the use of modern robotic systems “Da Vinci”, “Gamma-knife” and “Cyberknife”. With their help, surgeons can perform the most complicated operations in cancer treatment.

How to undergo treatment abroad?

To undergo treatment in one of the best clinics in Istanbul, you no longer need to think about your trip by yourself. For this purpose, there is a medical tourism operator Booking Health. The company will help you avoid all problems and focus on the necessary treatment. Over the years, the company’s specialists have successfully helped millions of patients to undergo treatment. Its extensive experience has made it a leader in treatment abroad. In addition, the company’s specialists provide assistance in medical and non-medical services for each customer:

  • Selection of a suitable clinic.
  • Booking accommodation and air tickets.
  • Establishing communication directly with the desired doctor.
  • Interpreting services.
  • Services of a personal medical coordinator.