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Over the years, Hollywood has changed a great deal. You can guarantee that you’re going to see new faces every time you watch a new movie or television show. You’ll notice that these shows and movies now feature more Asian actors and actresses than ever before. If you’re a fan of Hollywood characters, you’ll know this. So, who are some of the hottest Asian actors of the past few years? You’ll find out in the guide below.

Jamie Chung

First and foremost, you have Jamie Chung. The 36-year-old actress became famous when she appeared on The Real World: San Diego in 2004. This was one of the hottest reality shows of the time, and it certainly helped Chung become a household name. She also appeared in the spin-off Challenge shows. In recent years, Chung has become a very successful actress. She has appeared in a handful of successful movies including Dragonball Evolution, Premium Rush, Sorority Row, Sucker Punch, and Samurai Girl. The San Francisco native is sure to be a hit in any movie or show she works on.

Jackie Chan

It is impossible to mention Asian actors without bringing up Jackie Chan. Chan was born in April of 1954. He has become one of the most popular action movie stars of all time. Over the years, Jackie Chan has appeared in some very successful movies. His best movies include Rush House, Police Story, Shanghai Noon, and Drunken Master. There is a good chance you’ve seen a few of these films. If you like action films, you’ll want to spend a little time watching some of Chan’s films. You will not be disappointed. They’re action-packed and very exciting.

Jet Li

Jet Li was born in Beijing, China. At the age of eight, he started training karate and martial arts at the Beijing wushu academy. Over the years, he has appeared in many great films including Hero, Once Upon a Time in China, Fist of Legend, and the Expendables. By the time he was 11-years-old, Jet Li had already won five gold medals in Chinese championships. Suffice to say; he is a force to be reckoned with. Jackie Chan and Jet Li are two of Hollywood’s most popular action stars and they are both Asian. Be sure to check out Jet Li’s movies. You will love every single one of them. It has also been said that Li is a fan of S128.

Bruce Lee

While Li and Chan are impressive, it is true that Bruce Lee paved the way for them. Lee became a household in the early 1970s. He broke standards and became one of the hottest mainstream stars in North America during his prime. He appeared in many great movies too. Some of his best movies include First of Fury, Big Boss, Enter the Dragon, and Way of the Dragon. If you haven’t seen these movies, you’re missing out. They’re intense, fast-paced, and very entertaining. Once you’ve watched a Bruce Lee movie, you’re going to be eager to watch them all.

Lydia Look

Next up, you have Lydia Look. She was born on April 30, 1980, in Singapore. This multi-lingual actress has won many awards over the years. She is a very versatile actress that has managed to excel in comedy and drama. It is estimated that the actress is now worth more than $11 million. She is a member of the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild. She can speak five different languages, and that has given her the ability to star in movies far and wide. As an actress, she has appeared in films and shows like Battle of the Damned, 7 Letters, 10,000 Days, and General Hospital.

She has also been in video games like Residential Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Kate Leung

Finally, you have Katie Leung. While she was born in North Lanarkshire, she is of Hong Kong descent. The actress is best known for appearing in the Harry Potter movies. She is just 32-years-old having been born in August of 1987. Since the Harry Potter movies have ended, Leung has gone on to appear in T2 Trainspotting, The Foreigner, and a handful of television shows. In 2014, she was the BAFTA for Breakthrough Brits.