Are you a student who is in search of what to watch this evening? The best choice is an Asian movie about college life. Watching films from our collection, you will be able to learn more about the common problems students face while studying and find out how they deal with academic challenges.

So, postpone doing homework and watch a good film about study time. It’s a great idea to entrust writing a paper to professionals to get the guaranteed high grade and have more time for your personal wants and needs.

Check the list with the inspiring films about college and high school that will definitely motivate you.

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Unfortunately, many students are familiar with the problem of bullying. The main character of this movie was obese and had an ugly face that made her the object of jokes. The girl has decided to do plastic surgery to change her image and has become a real beauty. Has it helped her to become a happy person? She is in the center of intrigue and tries to find true love and friends. Find out whether she will achieve her goals.

Fleet of Time

It’s a Chinese film about high school students. You’ll watch the life of friends from school time to their adulthood. In the center of the film, there is a love story between two classmates. The main character hasn’t taken the exams to enter the same university as his girlfriend has chosen.

You’ll see what the main character is ready to do to be with his beloved one, and what his actions will lead to. Watch the film about dreams students have when studying at a college and discover whether all of their dreams come true.

Dream High

There is no student who has never dreamt about fame. The main characters of this movie are sure that they will reach their aims and become famous singers and dancers after they graduate from the school of Arts. Art school students dream of world fame. One of the characters, Son Sam, is an ordinary village guy who dreams of his own agricultural complex.

His beloved one enters an art school, and this becomes the best motivation for him. In order not to be separated from her, he is also going to study there. The guy easily manages to pass the entrance exams, since he has had an inclination to music since childhood.

In the city, the guys make new friends. Jin Guk is very fond of dancing. He pursues one single goal – to achieve world fame and perform with the best dancers in the country. Jason, unlike other students, is an exchange student here. He strives for professional choreography and is in no way inferior in talent to Jin.

The students will have to learn a lot from their mentors. Here, on the threshold of adulthood, a series of joyful events and disappointments await them. Someone is destined to become famous already in the first year, but someone will die trying. There are certain circumstances that make the achievement of their goals more and more difficult.

Boys over Flowers

The main character Makino enters an elite school, despite the fact that she lived in a poor family. Her stay in this educational institution, where the children of rich people study, brings her uncomfortable feelings. After all, modern children, who are used to having everything from birth, are actually very cruel.

At the same time, there are those who are very different from ordinary rich students in their behavior. There are four boys who rule the whole school and each educational activity. They like that everyone is afraid of them. After all, boys are the school elite, due to the fact that their families are very influential, so the rest of the students have no right to stand in their way.

The girl decided to stay quiet and inconspicuous and even managed to make friends with one of the students because she was the only one who treats her well. Makino really wanted to fulfill her dream and become a lawyer, but for this, she needed to finish her studies at this school for two more years.

The girl’s quiet everyday life ended at the moment when she decided to defend her only friend because the elite four began to bully Sakurako. Now it will not be easy for friends because the students of the whole school and even the teachers are against the girls.


It’s a nice film about friendship and common worries all students experience. The main character is the girl who has come from a small town and is getting ready for school admission in another place.

Her heart is full of worries and fears because she doesn’t know what to expect from new peers at school. First, she wasn’t lucky to make friends, but with time, six girls offered her to become their friend. One of the girls has a brilliant idea to organize their music group under the name “Sunny.”

They are getting ready for the festival, but some event has prevented them from the achievement of their goal. It’s one of the films that inspire people to overcome difficulties on the way to the dream. Learn about the fate of friends who met in 25 years after school.

Orange Marmalade

For more than two hundred years, people and vampires have lived under a certain agreement that describes their world and a non-aggression pact. But both races still don’t get along well with each other! One has only to find out that you are not a human, then, in society, they begin to despise and hate you.

And people also call it a monster. How to live like this? Nobody cares what kind of vampire you are: whether you eat the blood of people or use a special one from the bags! The family of the main character has recently moved from another city.

Now, the girl needs to go to a new school, which is always exciting and an opportunity to make new friends. Although the heroine herself lives a simple life, no one around her realizes that the girl is a vampire.

She does not want to stand out and, therefore, hides her true self from everyone. One day she meets Jung Jae Min – not an ordinary guy, but the most popular one in school. Who would have thought that our little vampire would have warm human feelings for him!

I Hope, these films become the source of inspiration for you. Watch all of them, and you’ll see that the academic life of other students is similar to yours.