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BetAmerica started its online gambling business only in recent times of 2019. They started with the State of New Jersey but planning to expand the approach to the other states which have the legal online gambling provision under the law. Currently, BetAmerica Sportsbook has all the best for racing horses. But the company is planning to launch its Sportsbook for online gambling on various other sports also.

BetAmerica is the US-based gaming website that offers to bet on sports games like horse races, greyhounds, and fantasy sports. The brand is known for its reputation for fair gameplay and website security. The casino is licensed in the US and target players from the US only.

Pros and Cons of BetAmerica


  • Trustworthy website to bet on a horse race
  • Bet with real money and with protection
  • Welcome bonus with real money for all the new players
  • Streaming of free race videos on the website for visitors
  • All bets are pooled and tracked locally


  • The gambling service is available only in restricted States of the US
  • The Live racing videos lag behind a few seconds

Initial Deposit Bonus

The Initial Deposit Bonus offered the bonus amount in your BetAmerica account for up to $100. So if you deposit $50 you will get extra $50 in your account by way of the bonus amount. The bonus is then credited to the pending bonus account in your BetAmerica account. You can use only 10% of the bet from the bonus amount. So if you bet for $100, you can use up to $10 from the bonus amount. Hence, you simply get $110 for betting on your favorite game. There is a time limit of one year to use the bonus money in your account, which is enough.

BetAmerica offers many weekly and monthly offers for the players and their visitors. Currently, you will get the cashback offers up to 9% for the bets you made in the fantasy sport on the website of BetAmerica. Since the promotions and rewards keep changing, so you can check the websites for the latest offers and promotions.

Bettings on HorseRace in BetAmerica

Horse race betting is the star of the BetAmerica website and online sportsbook. They cover mostly 200 tracks in the world, and you can put bet with the website even when you are in the tracks. The best part of betting with the BetAmerica Horse race is that they pool the bets and you get the benefit of odds of the race. The website also ensures that you get paid full track odds on all winning wagers.

Greyhound Racing

BetAmerica greyhound racing game is also a very popular sport for betting. There are almost 20 tracks covered in the US and they also cover the small races that happen every day in the US. You can watch the race in real-time with the online streaming videos on the website. There are many varieties of games and bets options on the website.