Binomo is an online platform for traders, enabling them to trade cryptocurrency, Forex, CFDs, and binary options. This innovative trading platform lets you start your trade with as low as $1. It has received numerous awards for all the unique services that it offers. The best thing Binomo is that the users get benefit regardless of the market trend. In fact, Binomo lets its users earn on both, rises and falls of currency exchange rates, and on prices for commodities and shares.

Aim of Binomo

The aim of Binomo is to attract traders of all levels by allowing a smooth utilization of trading tools. Since the trading of binary options or any products under this category is quite critical, it is necessary that the process is simple, easy to understand, and approachable. In the case of Binomo, the website design is simple and straight-forward that makes the trading experience at Binomo a pleasant one.

Types of Accounts on Binomo

When you sign in to Binomo for the first time, you are given an option to run a test trade before stepping into an actual trading sequence. The website offers four major types of accounts and allows the user to select the one that suits their needs.

Demo Account

The first type of account is a Demo account. This account allows you to get involved in a risk-free trade at the platform. This is a free account that is pre-populated with virtual funds worth $1000 or $50,000.if you wish to truly get expertise at using Binomo, a demo account is recommended. It lets you get hands-on experience of trading on Binomo without putting your actual capital at risk.

Standard Account

The second type of account that Binomo offers is a Standard account. It starts at $500. This account is fully operational. The minimum trade amount for this account type is $1, with profits rates of 85%. Through this account, you can participate in different tournaments. You will be able to withdraw your funds within 3 working days.

Gold Account

Gold account is the third type of account that Binomo offers. It comes with everything the Standard account has to offer along with a number of privileges. It offers an extended list of assets that are available to the user for trade. Moreover, the withdrawal procedure in this account type is super-fast. It allows the user to withdraw funds within 24 hours. In addition, the Gold account offers investment insurance bonuses. The yield on the trades is as much as 86%.

VIP Account

The last type of account that Binomo offers its users is the VIP account. It starts with a comparatively larger amount of $1000. This account is meant for large deposits. It offers users exclusive trading conditions and individual program account services. The users can enjoy bonuses of up to 100%, trade profits as high as 87%, and an ability for the users to withdraw their funds in just 4 hours! In addition, the users get a 10% weekly cashback.

Binomo ensures that it has something to offer for everyone. The options that Binomo offer meet the needs of most of the traders. It allows you to invest your money in the most efficient way.