Planning to get insurance but concerned as you have a criminal record? Not sure if your insurance will be approved?

This article provides an insight into what it might look like to get an insurance cover when holding a criminal record.

Most of the countries have the policy to keep records of crimes committed by the citizens or visitors. It is legally required by the states or territories to keep a track of the criminal history. The records contain any crimes that someone had been a part of regardless of the type, the period, or even if it’s an ongoing investigation. In some cases, the records of other states and territories are also checked.


Everyone deserves a new and fresh start, so don’t feel low when you are turned away by some companies.

Although the chances of obtaining insurance seem narrow with a criminal record, the probability is not totally zero. No law has the right to stop one from obtaining insurance, but the insurance companies have all the rights to request a police check or ask for a national criminal background check if they are interested in insuring you.

Recruiting someone with a criminal history is as risky as insuring someone with a criminal record. When a company wants to recruit someone, they may request a national police check. This rule is similar when it comes to an insurance company. Therefore, some companies may not be willing to insure you.

This could result in you having to pay way more or harder to find insurance.


But that’s not the end. There’s always another door open if one is close. For instance, if you want car insurance and are struggling to find one, it is still possible to get insurance. Below are some quick tips and tricks that will change your luck in finding an insurer.

  1. Cheap insurers should be steered clear as they are more likely to cover high-risk drivers by keeping their premium low.
  2. There are many insurance companies who are willing to insure you if the criminal records are not serious such as drink driving conviction. But make sure you don’t have serious ones like dishonesty, theft, murder, or fraud.
  3. Insurers are happier to insure you if you have undertaken courses such as interlock systems or safe driving.

Although the majority of the companies ask for a criminal conviction, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get covered. It is never an issue with finding the right one if your conviction is not a big or serious one such as fraud or theft.


All the questions from the insurer must be answered honestly and correctly. This means you should be willing to tell them about your criminal history if asked about it. It is always an offense and disrespectful to hide any important information.

  • It is always a good idea to open up about the crime you have been found guilty of, no matter what type it is and the number of times it has been committed. Some insurance companies may also ask to get a copy of your national criminal record check.
  • A lot of the insurance companies will ask about a criminal record check from the past five or ten years. Be mindful that if you don’t tell them about any crime but they happen to find out, the consequences could be bad. High chances are they will increase the percentage of interest or decrease the amount of money they agreed to pay you. In the worst scenario, they might cancel or call off the policy completely.

To remain on the safer side, get a national police certificate to present to the company. This is suitable because it will contain any disclosable court outcomes released by police agencies and results of nationally coordinated criminal history checks.

The national police certificate will also show any pending charges, convictions, penalties, and sentences including:

  • Traffic infringements such as over speeding, drug or drink driving, etc. convicted by you
  • Findings of suspended sentences, guilt, community-based orders, and good behavior bonds.


Not all crimes are focused on insurers. They highlight more on anything related to the insurance the person is interested in. For instance:

  1. It will be more difficult to get home insurance if there is a criminal damage conviction against you.
  2. It will be hard to get any type of insurance in general if you have been convicted of making a fake insurance claim anytime during the past. This is referred to as fraud.
  3. If you have been convicted of drink-driving, you will have to end up paying extra and more to the car insurance company.


Yes. There are heaps of companies willing to insure you even if you have a criminal record. It all depends on the type and intensity of the crime you have committed. The other factor is on the type of insurance you are interested in applying for. If you represent a higher risk to the company, the cost of the insurance becomes expensive. So either the company will grant you insurance but you will have to pay a lot or it will be rejected altogether.


Most of the services today have become easy to access due to the feasibility of the technology. All the applications can be done online and are within everyone’s reach. There are application forms that can be filled and submitted along with the ease of uploading any required documents. It is easy and faster to do it this way rather than having to get the hardcopy completed and submitted physically in the office.

The criminal background check or criminal record check can be obtained by any local or nationwide agency who is authorized to perform these checks and are able to provide a certificate.


It is better to consult your financial counselor about the available insurance policies that are ready to disregard any criminal records against you and consider insurance. Lying about your criminal record is considered as a very serious offense and will make things complicated. Remember, it is better to have expensive insurance rather than having none at all!