Problems with the plumbing are not only a hassle but can be messy too if not addressed on time. Every homeowner has troubles with plumbing every few months but because they don’t really understand the issues in time, the problems usually get bigger than they actually are. Just like you can prevent the backflow of water by simply installing a backwater valve, there are plenty of remedies for common plumbing problems that won’t cost you too much and will also offer quick fixes.

In this blog, we have listed down some of the most common plumbing problems and their remedies so that you can control the problems well in time and save yourself the hassle.

Blocked Shower in Bath Drain

The slow draining bath, shower, and bathroom sinks get clogged up by clogs of soap and hair. That blockage is not easy to clear and you need to use a plumber to clear it. However, sometimes it does not clear that way. In that case, you could use baking soda and vinegar to dissolve the clog. If this is not dealt with in time then it would get worse with time. To minimize or prevent this problem, a drain guard could be incorporated in the drain to prevent hair from blocking the drain.

Unclog the Shower Drain by using a Plunger

  • Add petroleum jelly at the edges of the suction pad to improve the seal
  • Keep the shower area filled with adequate water so that the plunger remains submerged in the water.
  • Plunge aggressively

Faulty Faucets

There might not be any person who has not faced the issue of faulty or dripping faucets. Not only does it irritate you but a lot of water also gets wasted which eventually raises the bill and thus, you have to spend more money on your water bill. Unbelievably, a single dripping faucet can drip away a hundred gallons of water annually. The most common cause is the stiffing, tearing or wearing, or dislodging of the internal washer. If there are correct tools, these problems could be fixed easily at home. Nonetheless, always keep your eyes open. By handling the wrong way, a little problem can turn into a real pain. In case you need some extra skilled hands to help you out, try to reach out to professionals like this Mississauga Plumber. You’ll be assisted the right way and then charged accordingly.

Slow Draining Sink

If there’s a blockage that restricts water flow then your sink would drain slowly. Besides, if you drain things like congealed fat and food remnants through your kitchen sink then it is more likely to get clogged and eventually slow draining. The bathroom sink is more prone to get blocked as there are knotted hair and soap in the sink.

A slow draining sink could be fixed in the same way as that of a clogged drain i.e. using a plunger, baking soda, and vinegar or a chemical clog remover.

Unclog the Sink Using Chemicals

  • Follow all the directions mentioned on the packaging of chemicals and use as required.
  • Take all the necessary precautions like wear gloves and glasses to protect your eyes and hands.
  • Pour the chemicals down the drain.
  • Avoid mixing chemicals! This could cause serious damage.

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Malfunctioning Water Heater

It’s winter season and you are in the shower and suddenly cold water strikes your body. There could be multiple factors behind the failure of the water heater like:

  • An out of function thermostat
  • A build-up of sediment in the tank
  • An issue with pilot light

Well, this issue needs to be inspected and addressed by a professional who would inspect, maintain, and fix the glitch. If there’s some issue with the pilot light then you can refit it on your own.

Reduced Water Pressure

If you are living in a home that’s an old construction then you might be quite familiar with the low water pressure issue. A common symptom of low water pressure is that the water would always trickle out of the tap rather than gushing.

There are many factors that make the pressure of water to get low like building up of sediment and mineral deposit on aerators and leaking, corrosion, or breakage of pipes.

The aerator could be soaked in vinegar and then cleaned afterward. If the problem is with the showerhead, then it needs to be soaked in vinegar or simply replaced.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are no less than a headache! Not only there is a mess but damage is also caused to the furniture, cabinets, and floors. Furthermore, the space is always damp which attracts and facilitates bugs like cockroaches.

Temporarily, one fixes these by using tape, filler compounds, etc. but the permanent solution is the replacement of either the whole pipe or part of the pie that’s leaking.

These issues are more common in winters as the water freezes and expands during this season.

Prevention of Pipes from Bursting in Winters

  • During cold weather, the cold water must be allowed to drop from the faucet having exposed pipes. A trickle of running water is enough to prevent the pipes from freezing.
  • The thermostat should be set at a uniform temperature during both day and night.

Now that you know what are the common plumbing problems and how they can be remedied, the chances of you ending up with a major plumbing-related mishap are greatly reduced!