I have yet to find a baccarat casino online that only offers that one single card game, for every casino I have checked out and compared tends to offer a huge array of different card games to their players.

However, at the end of the day, the savviest players are always going to know just which card games to play and also which bets to place when playing too, and they are, just in case you are wondering the bets that have the lowest house edges attached to them.

In the case of Baccarat games, you need to avoid placing the Tied Hand bet for it comes with way too high a house edge to offer players any value, and as such stick to placing your bets on the much lower house edge betting opportunities, those being the Bankers Hand bet and/or the Players Hand bet.

Also, if you do come across any variants offering you an optional side bet, my advice would be to avoid placing those side bets as they too, much like the Tied Hand bet, often have extremely high house edges associated and attached to them.

French Roulette Offers Low House Edge Betting Opportunities

You can of course choose to play roulette online for real money, and I am more than confident that no matter at which casino sites or casino apps you choose to play at or on you will often find a plethora of different Roulette game variants being offered to you.

However, much like all other casino games which have various different variants, you are going to discover some Roulette games and many Roulette bets too come with much higher house edges than others.

The one variant of Roulette that I would strongly advise you to scrub off your list of games to play is the American Roulette game, for with two zeros in place on its wheel and betting layout that game comes with a high house edge, when compared to other variants, that house edge for reference being 5.26%.

A much better game to play is European Roulette for with one zero on its wheel that reduced the house edge down to a much more manageable and reasonable 2.70%, so you should always get a fair chance of winning when playing that game online for real money, however, most casinos will allow you to test it out for free to see if you like playing it and to get the hang of playing it too.

One other variant of Roulette that is by the way worth mentioning is French Roulette, whilst the variant does have just one zero on its wheel and betting layout, whenever a zero has been spun in and you have laced a bet on any even money paying bet, you either get half of your stake money paid back to you on such losing bets or the bet stays in place for the next spin or until a zero is not spun in, that rule reduces the house edge on all even money paying bets to just 1.35%.

Stick to Playing at Licensed Casino Sites Only

One final word of advice for any of you out there that does fancy playing Roulette or Baccarat or for that matter any type of casino game online in a real money playing environment, and that is to choose only ever to play at casinos that are both licensed and regulated.

That way you will always have complete peace of mind in knowing that the games you are playing have been independently certified as being fair and random games of chance, but also that your deposits and account balances are safe and secure at all times too and that those funds can always be accessed by you.

Plus, by playing at licensed casinos you will also benefit from things such as fair and generous bonuses and will always be paid out quickly if you win too.