Colorado is a western U.S. state which has some of the most interesting traffic laws. While the traffic wardens make sure that the laws are implemented with due diligence, there are always chances of a law being broken by someone here and there. Have you ever wondered what happens if a citizen breaks a traffic law in Colorado? Here is a small guide to enlighten you with the consequences of breaking traffic laws in Colorado.

Point System and Cancellation of Driving License

According to Colorado Traffic laws, traffic violations in Colorado may result in various kinds of fines, penalties, and spending a good amount of hours in community service acts. In addition to these, if you violate the traffic laws thrice in a row, you might also end up losing your driving license. To explain it in detail let’s begin with the point scoring system established by Colorado State Patrol. According to this system, it takes altogether 6 points to get someone ripped off of their driving license in Colorado. Each offense whether minor or serious one leads to a 2 point score on the driver’s license. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, you must exceptionally be cautious. If by turning 18 years of age, you end up scoring all 6 points of offenses, then you will be stripped off of your driving license without a warning.

Fines and Community Service

Other than the penalty mentioned above after three violations, if a teenage person violates the ‘no use of cell phone’ law while driving, then they are fined an amount of $57. In addition to it, instead of 2 points, only 1 point is scored off their driving license. If the offenses keep recurring, then the amount of fine increases to $107 while the point-scoring rule remains the same.

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For citizens who are above 18 years of age and are not teenagers anymore, the first offense brings a 2 point score on their driving license with a fine amount of minimum $65. This amount can be more depending on the gravity of the offense and involves a total of 8-24 community service hours. If their violations continue, then subsequent violations have minimum fine amounts of $100 and $150 respectively. The subsequent community service hours for second and third offenses range from 16-40 hours for both the violations.


Moreover, if a citizen is found driving recklessly in the state of Colorado, then they have incurred a criminal offense. The person who has carried out this act would be penalized for approximately 10 to 90 days in jail. In addition to it, they can also be fined an amount ranging between $150 to $300. In case of a careless driving charge, the charge stays on your driving license for approximately 3 years and bears lighter penalties as compared to the penalties of reckless driving. However, both the charges fall under criminal offense.

In order to stay updated about the traffic laws of Colorado and get help with road safety rules, it is best to get help from a Colorado traffic attorney. They know their job too well and will guide you according to the latest updates in the laws about the rights that have been vested to you/citizens by the law in case of a violation.