YouTube is an online video hosting service that is a subsidiary of Google. It was created in 2005 by three former Paypal employees, namely Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley. In 2006 Google acquired YouTube. One of the most popular categories of videos being streamed on YouTube includes Sports Channels. They are high in demand, and there are more than 100 YouTube channels with a substantive fan base worldwide. This shows the level of dedication and passion of sports fans have for their favorite teams and sports stars.

Sports and Youtube

With the rise in use of smartphones and mobile applications, YouTube has also devised its streaming app, which is free to download from both iOS and Android stores. With the app in one’s smartphone and constant connectivity to the Wi-Fi, sports fans now have an opportunity to follow their favorite sports wherever they go and whenever they want. Sports channels such as Fox Sports, ESPN, and NBC Sports stream live on the YouTube cable-free TV option. This option is available to all YouTube users in the drop-down menu adjacent to the bell notifications icon. Users need to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to stream these channels live. Some of the most popular sports channels on YouTube include Dude Perfect, NBA, ESPN, Olympics, FC Barcelona, MLB, Nike, Red Bull, NHL, UFC, and Sky sports, etc.

Creating super entertaining sports videos on YouTube, which keep the audience engaged for a while and breathe some life into the channel’s content, requires efforts. The best strategy to bring traffic to your channel and make them engage with the content would be to create videos using Star Power.

Using Star Power

Sportsmen and athletes, just like actors play the role of mentors, are superstars, and living legends for their fans. The best way to get your viewers’ attention is by using the power of stars, which are the most popular on your channel. Analyze the statistics of your videos and see which sports celebrity has been most-searched-for in your video uploads. Then optimize your videos accordingly.

For example, if your viewers love M.S. Dhoni, upload videos about his life, playing style, and hash tag them with his name. In this way, you will attract more and more viewers who love Dhoni, and some might as well engage with your content too. Just like the most popular video on Stumped, a YouTube sports channel is about Cricket World Cup 2019 or another one focuses on Chris Gayle’s performance as a cricketer. You need to focus on creating content which is appreciated by your viewers the most, and it keeps them coming back to your channel for more.

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Avoid Controversial Content

Refrain from posting content about sportsmen or stars that are disliked by your viewers. If you keep repeatedly posting content about controversial celebrities or topics your viewers do not wish to engage with, you will end up losing them. You will eventually face a lot of unsubscriptions on your sports channel, so be mindful of the content you upload.

Refrain From Misleading Content

Additionally, do not post content with misleading titles and video thumbnails. If you are posting a video about Olympics 2016, do not give it the wrong name Olympics 2019 or post either an irrelevant or a wrong thumbnail. For example, you post a video about Chris Gayle and use David Beckham’s face on the thumbnail.

Be clear about the content of the video and post the right content under the right title. Select the thumbnail relevant to the content likewise. Creating misleading video titles and hashtags might get you views in the first round, but after finding out your fallacy, your viewers will never return to view your videos ever in the future. They will lose their trust in you posting the right content. You will always be deemed as a misleading sports channel, and thus your channel will die itself.

Upload Hot Seasonal Content

Another smart way of creating videos that add life to your channel would be to consider the sports events which stir up your viewers’ attention around the year. So if it’s the cricket season, post videos about cricket. If it is the football season, cover the football events, but remember to only cover the events which are anticipated and looked forward to by your viewers.

Plan Ahead of Time

According to Viddedit, creating sports videos during the sports season is easy. One of the many challenges YouTubers face is posting content in the off-season when all players are on break, and no sports events are really happening around the globe. The key to creating life breathing content at this time of year is to plan ahead and save ideas for posting content at this time of the year. In this way, your channel would be active, and your viewership would not be affected.

Help Your Audience Connect With Your Content

Last but not least, when creating sports videos, keep in mind the way your viewers feel about the sports events and teams you cover. This is very important. At the end of the day, all the content created is targeted towards an audience who has a mindset of its own and comes from diverse backgrounds. The most important element all humans can connect with is emotions.

All these sports videos and content delivers emotional value to its viewers. Some get the thrill of watching their team’s winning moments; others replay the funny, candid moments that take place in the field. Some watch a certain sports video again gain to relive their favorite fan moment when their superstar sports person delivered a shot, and others might come to watch the cute, sweet, sad, inspiring, and motivating or any such other moments that took place in the ground.

The last bit of advice on how to create videos that resonate most with your audience and bring your sports channel to life is keeping in mind the emotions of your audience. While you are trying to post sports videos with emotional moments, try to create a connection with your viewers. You could do this either by adding proper video tags or titles or maybe adding some comments in the description section. You need to optimize to the best of your abilities the content you aim to post. You might as well add background sound effects which have no copyright infringement issues.

In the end, creating video content for a sports channel that keeps its existing subscribers active on their channel and draws in new viewers as well is a demanding task. However, if sports content creators learn to speak the language of their viewers, they would know easily how to deliver their message to them and make it worthwhile.