Most homeowners tend to ignore window conditions until the situation escalates and becomes too difficult to handle. But you shouldn’t act that way and put glass repair and glass replacement on the back-burner. Or else, you would end up spending more on window replacements than you could ever imagine. Periodically, analyze your windows’ glass and check if it is overworked, drafty, foggy or cracked. If you find any of the symptoms, you should better talk to a reliable window repair company in your vicinity to address the situation at the earliest.

Judging window glasses for replacement isn’t an easy feat, especially when there are no clear signs of issues with them. But being a responsible homeowner, you should know what’s happening with your glass and the following warning signs will help you in the initiative:

  • Foggy Glass

Living with a foggy glass? Well, that’s a health hazard! If you are dealing with the foggy glass and notice condensation between the panes, then it’s time for glass replacement. These are clear symptoms of the blown window that would go worse if you don’t replace the window glass right away. It isn’t a big deal and the foggy glass could be replaced under an hour or so. The replacement won’t cost you much but will save your day when streaks between the double panes become a nightmare for you!

  • Cracked or Broken Panes

Have you just noticed a crack in your window that’s leaking the room heat to outside in winters? Well, replacing the window’s glass is the best possible solution in this case. Chipped, scratched or fully shattered window glass could make your living awful. It could trigger the energy bills. This is the reason you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. But replacement doesn’t mean that you need to replace the whole window, just replacing the glass would be enough if the window is in good condition.

  • Drafty Windows

Got a window with a draft? It’s going to give you the nasty surprises with the terrible energy bills. Do you think you would be able to bear that financial blow? Well, if you don’t, then it’s time to replace the window’s glass to help yourself. Drafty windows often bring trouble with them and make life miserable for homeowners. If you have experienced pockets of air flowing in and out of your house, then that’s a clear signal of drafty windows. Usually, this is caused due to rotted wood or cracks but things could be improved by replacing the glass of the windows. The technician might ask you to replace the caulk to experience the long-lasting results.

Which is a Better Options Out of Replacement of Window Glass and Glass Repairs?

The truth is that there’s isn’t one answer to it! Your window glass could be replaced or repaired depending on its current condition and the scope for repairs. Replacing the glass where repairs could be cheaper isn’t a profitable deal. Your window glass repair and replacement specialist could guide you better in this case after analyzing the current window glass conditions. Whether replace or repair but one thing is sure that you shouldn’t ignore the issues with the window’s glass and keep them on the back-burner. Or else, it will backfire, and you will get unexplained energy bills.

Choosing the Right Type of Window Glass That Suits You The Most

Want to go with the replacements of your faulty window glass that’s not good enough to serve you? Good to know that you have made the wisest leap, but before you move ahead, you need to know which type of glass would serve you a great deal.

There are hundreds of varieties available in the market, each one serving a unique purpose! Which one you should opt to? To know the answer, you need to get acquainted with the more frequently used glass varieties in the market to understand their qualities. Let’s take a look:

  • Sheet Glass

You would see this type of glass more commonly in older versions of homes. It is also known by another name – float glass! The sheet glass is brittle in nature and shatters easily upon being hit. It’s mostly used in window glazing and isn’t an energy efficient option.

  • Tempered Glass

Worried about the hit and blows that have shattered your window glass panes in the past? Well, you need to have a more toughened option and the answer is tempered glass. It’s a toughened glass that’s heat-treated to make it stronger to withstand hard blows. Upon getting a hit, this glass crumbles into blunt pieces which weed out the chances of injury.

  • Low Emissivity Glass

Ever heard about low-E or low emissivity glass? It is built for a demanding homeowner like you! Its one side has a thin metal coating that acts as a perfect insulator. It reflects the transmitted heat while keeping the heat transfer to the minimum. It’s efficient enough to reduce the heat transfers by 70 percent. Thus, it is an ideal option for people looking for energy efficient glasses for their windows.

  • Tinted Glass

This is another energy efficient glass to keep the energy bills to the minimum. The best part is that it is available in a gamut of colors and varieties that would compliment your home’s aesthetic appeal. It also serves meaningful functions such as preventing UV rays from entering your home. The opaque tinted glass keeps a tab on the amount of light passes through it. The reflective tinted glass is great for those who are looking for greater privacy as it restricts the visibility from the outside.

  • Patterned Glass

Need a window glass option that allows maintaining privacy while allowing enough light to pass through? The patterned glass is ideal for you! This glass has a pattern on one side that restricts the visibility from the side while the other side is clear that lets enough light to pass through it. Altogether, it’s perfect for your abode to use in windows in the bathrooms and privacy walls.

The Final Takeaway

Knowing when to consider glass replacement and glass repairs is the key to saving money while you enjoy living with the energy efficient windows. Choosing the right glass during replacement solve present issues and also the future troubles that could happen due to a wrong selection of glass. The warning signs for the replacement of windows’ glass mentioned are here to help you. Just put them to use to help yourself when your windows’ glass give you the warning signals for the replacement.