For Asian students, writing an essay in English is no such a simple task (it is also not so simple of native English speakers). Having grown up in countries where they converse in their natural tongue and are used to writing in it, the switch to English might not be so straightforward. That is why essay writing services like exist, to assist them in ways that their current college or university cannot.

In every college or university, writing is a big aspect of it. There’s no way any student, no matter what field they are studying can escape it if they wish to get their bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. Since Asian students are among the group of students that have it the roughest when it comes to writing in English, it is time they knew how can help.

Why do Asian Students have problems with English?

Before we move on to why Asian Students should look into for their essay writing help, it is best to understand why they struggle with English in the first place.

There is a significant difference between English and Asian Languages

The difference between English and  Asian languages affect students on all levels, especially when it comes to writing. Understanding the vocabulary alone is difficult for a majority of students, and they usually rely on memorization to get by, which is not enough to write an academic paper.

They learn in their Native tongue

An absolute majority of Asian students have for the most part been learning in their native tongue. This means everything, from the books they study to the assignments they write, is not in English. This does nothing to prepare students for an all-English college when they go abroad.

The teaching of English and materials aren’t good

Even if the students happen to learn English, the teachers employ teaching methods are too old fashioned and don’t instill students with the mindset to master English. So even if the students are learning English, what they learn doesn’t stick, and they only know enough to pass their exams.

They are given many opportunities to practice English

From the school to their home lives, the students aren’t placed in situations that encourage them to use the English they have learned. From the language taught at school to ordering food at the restaurant to conversing with family and friends to text messaging, everything is done in their native tongue.

How can Help Asian students?

Now that we know a few reasons why Asian students struggle with English, we can now focus on how can help them. is aware of the problems the Asian students face

As you can tell, we are aware of the problems these students face when grappling with the English language on a daily basis. It is not that these students are not intelligent; they just don’t understand how to translate their knowledge into English. And that is no reason why they should fail.

When is crafting the paper of these Asian students, they take their struggles into account. By knowing their weakness, the writers make sure they make the paper read as if it was really the student themselves who wrote them. That way, their professor is not suspicious.

They only hire native English speakers

To make sure these Asian students excel in their English paper, uses only native English speakers. Mostly, their writers come from countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. These writers are people who have been speaking English from birth and can craft excellent English papers.

If a writer from a native English-speaking country cannot be found, then native English speakers from other countries are used. People from other countries can also be native speakers. They just have to have started speaking English from early childhood. If a writer does not fit these two categories, they are not hired by

They only hire the best writers

Just because some is a native English speaker, it does not mean they are a good writer. That is why makes sure of it by putting them through a rigorous selection process. After accessing their credentials, they are given a grammar test, academic style, and formatting test and test order.

The first test is about assessing their grammar and spelling skills. The second test assesses whether they can follow the strict rules of academic writing in regards to styling and formatting papers. The last test is to see if they can meet deadlines, which is very important for academic students (the writers are given a couple of these tests).

The paper can act as a sample

Doing the work for the student is fine since it helps them pass where they would have otherwise failed. But some would argue that this means the students would not have to bother learning English at all, especially when it comes to writing. This is not true since the Asian student now has a sample of what a perfect English paper looks like according to their skill level.

Next time the student gets a writing assignment, they can look at the paper they go last time as a sample. They can then cross reference for grammar, spelling, formatting and even creating a bibliography. Paper from can give them the confidence to write their own in the future.

Many Asian students struggle with English, especially when it comes to writing. This means that getting an assignment to write an essay can cause them to panic. By with custom writing services like, these students can overcome their write my essay struggles in more ways than one.