Rigs, also known as oil rigs, are used to smoke cannabis concentrates. Since many US states have legalized the recreational use of cannabis and its derivatives, dabbing has become increasingly popular. Previously, this was a special niche for THC consumption.

However, manufacturers are becoming more involved and offer numerous designs and styles of dam rigs, including electronic and traditional devices. No doubt, many are not familiar with dabbing and the accessories that come with this activity.

If you are new to dabbing and want to learn more about it, keep reading to understand what to look for when choosing a product.

What is Dabbing?

Before diving into the details of what to look for when choosing a reliable hash setup, it’s a good idea to first know what dabbing is. So what is dabbing? Simply put, dabbing is another way to consume cannabis concentrates.

This is the process of evaporating the concentrated form of THC, which comes in many forms. The most popular of these are wax, oil, and gravel. It is worth noting that THC concentrates are more effective than dried herbs. They are perfect for people who want to get the most out of their THC.

Unlike herbs, the experience of smoking concentrates depends on how you smoke it. You can vaporize the concentrate at different temperatures; each type gives you a different feeling. Some of them will produce high punch intensity and high volume of flavor. Some others will produce more flavors with less hit intensity. You have the freedom to vaporize the concentrate the way you want it.

Differences between Dab Rigs and Bongs

Dab rig has much in common with bong, but they have significant differences. One of the main differences between the two is that bongs are used to smoke dried flowers, while bongs are used to consume wax or oil concentrates.

Another difference is that bongs burn herbs to create combustion, which in turn creates smoke that is inhaled. A drilling rig, on the other hand, generates steam because oil is heated in a chamber to create steam.

This makes the concentrate more beneficial for people who want to enjoy the effects of cannabis without inhaling the smoke. Another notable difference is the size. The Dab Rig is smaller, making it easier to use and transport.

Popular materials used to make Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are built to last through the creation of revolutionary brands in today’s market. Most of these products are made of glass, making them easy to clean. Manufacturers are exploring different materials to create the best dab rigs, including platinum and silicone.

This makes it even easier to clean and move as they don’t weigh a ton. They are also scratch resistant and won’t break. These devices are ergonomic, durable, and powerful. Dab rigs are electronic devices, and some have a traditional design. Your choice often depends on your preferences most of the time. And if you don’t have a dab, you can easily use a knife.

What to Consider When Choosing a Dab Rig

Choosing a dab rig is not difficult. Depending on your buying preferences, you only need to know what to look for. If you are looking for the best hashing setup, there are five important points to consider.

  • Mouthpiece size

Consuming concentrate is different from consuming weeds or other dried herbs. Smoking dry herbs is best when the mouthpiece of your device is wide because it provides a powerful hit. However, when wiping, a smaller mouthpiece is best if you want to enjoy the flavor.

When applied, the nail is constantly breathable, ensuring you capture powerful flavor for a powerful hit with a small mouthpiece.

  • Water filtration

Although drilling rigs are designed to be used without water, inhaling raw concentrates without allowing them to cool in the water first is still not a good idea. Therefore, it is recommended to think about choosing a hash rig with water filtration.

There are only a few cases where you can comfortably use an anhydrous concentrate rig. A waterless hashing rig might be a good alternative if you’re outdoors and don’t want to burden yourself with extra weight. However, for the best smoking experience, choosing swab heads that support water filtration is best.

  • Glass connection size

Glass compounds come in different sizes: 10 ml, 14 ml, and 18 ml. They also come with women’s and men’s measurements. The size of the glass joint is related to the airflow, and the floor indicates the type of nail you will need. A small installation will require a 10ml glass joint due to the additional restrictions it requires when wiping with it.

  • Drill Rig Size

There are different sizes of rigs, but smaller rigs are known to be better. Large swab units tend to lose the effectiveness of the concentrate vapors. This is due to the fact that the product is constantly pushed through the drilling chamber. When the size is small, it reduces the chance of steam escaping and also preserves the flavor.

Final Thoughts

If you’re new to dabbing, this can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’re starting with a traditional concentrate rig. However, using it is not as difficult as it seems. You only need to learn how it is set up and used. If you don’t have the luxury of time to learn how to use a traditional install, you can opt for an electronic dab install. They are easier to use and do not require an external burner.