white ceramic sink near white ceramic sink

If you still think it is impossible to design a perfect bathroom, which will be the embodiment of harmony, being comfortable and beautiful at the same time, Aquatica is ready to change your mind.

Aquatica is a company that has produced the best bathroom furniture and accessories since 2003. The provider is famous for using durable materials and great-looking presented models. In the Aquatica product list, you will find positions that can fit any bathroom style, including classic and modern.

Aquatica offers such products as:

  • Decorative bathroom sinks (for restrooms and home)
  • Outdoor showers and hot tubs
  • Bathtubs
  • Faucets
  • Waste overflow
  • Furniture and accessories (mirrors with holders, wall-mounted mirrors, soap dispensers ad holders, wall-mounted wooden hooks for towels, bath headrests, large coat hangers, tissue boxes, etc.)

One of the visiting cards of the company is the collection of home and public decorative sinks. Moreover, it is interesting that a lot of people begin the décor of the bathroom with the selection of the sink. The point is that this product best shows how the style you choose will be expressed in reality. The sink size is not as large as a bathtub and is not as inconspicuous as a faucet.

The company offers a great diversity of bathroom sinks, which are divided due to the following criteria:

  • Sink shape (oval, round, rectangular, and unique custom)
  • Product material (composite and solid surface)
  • Surface finish (super gloss, high gloss, and matte)
  • Installation technique (freestanding, wall-mounted, and vessel sink)
  • Product length (10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 70-79)
  • Color (black, brown, green, red, white, gunmetal, and concrete)

Everyone can afford one of Aquatica’s sinks since prices, which vary from $398 to $4,369, are appropriate for absolutely different budgets.