The casino industry in Denmark was the only one to post year-on-year growth in 2019. Figures have been released and they show that the casino industry totaled over US$952.3m in the year 2019 and this is around 2% higher when you compare it to the total in 2018. This is the 7th year in a row that the market has grown since it launched. The locally licensed casino income was up by 8.1% in 2019 and this is the only vertical that was able to see a year-upon-year improvement. Sports betting fell just under 1% and gambling machines have fallen by 2%.

Betting and Online Casinos

Sports bets looked to bring in the highest amount of revenue but this was down by 6.4% in the final months of 2018. Online casino revenues were down 3.1% year-on-year as well. Of course, mobile gambling looks to be a very dominant channel as it accounts for over 48% of sports betting revenue.

This is way ahead of land-based wagering which comes in at 34.2%. Desktop computers are bringing in 17% and over 43% of online casino revenue came in by mobile which has increased by 2.5 points from the year 2018. Of course, ROFUS in Denmark is the gambling program and this had over 21,065 registrations at the end of 2018. This is a huge increase, from 17,687. 69% of people had opted for self-exclusion from the gambling sites in Denmark.

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The StopSpillet gambling hotline handled over 722 calls in the first year of operation and 39% of calls came from those who had gambling problems, or those who were relatives of those who had a problem. Two-thirds of the callers stated that online gambling was their primary concern. Of course, even though the market has experienced its fair share of problems, it looks like it is still growing.

There are new gambling laws and Denmark has also stated that they plan on hiking the gambling tax rate. It’s currently at 20% but it is going to increase to 28%. This is causing some gambling providers to withdraw their services from the market but when you look at the data, you will soon see that this isn’t actually having an impact on the market a all. In fact, it’s still thriving and this is great news, to say the least. New providers are opening up all the time as well, which shows how the industry is thriving.

The Future

Only time will tell what the future is going to hold for gambling but the new tax laws are going to hit providers. The casino demand in Denmark is quite strong and it looks like it is growing more and more by the year. If you want to find out more about the casino industry, then there are so many technology providers out there who are continually doing more research so it wouldn’t be surprising to see even more information posted about this matter in the coming days.