Gong Ma Sung is a brilliant medicine genius and heir of the Sunwoo group Company, a prestigious and powerful conglomerate of Korea, however, for his misfortune, he suffers from Cinderella Memory Disorder, as a result of a car accident that occurred the night after meeting the famous singer and actress Joo Ki Bbeum, this tragic encounter marked their lives, not only by the love that arose between the two of them but by the various situations that occurred that happy but tragic day.


Choi Jin Hyuk As Gong Ma Sung

Gong Ma Sung is a doctor that specialises in cranial nerves, which he stops practicing due to him suffering from Cinderella Memory Disorder,  and dedicates himself to lead the Sunwoo group Company that was inherited from his late parents, who died when he was only five years old, he was raised in the hands of his four aunts. Although his memory lasts only one day, he is still an intelligent man, skillful in business matters, who after the accident develops a curt and distant personality although deep down he is still the same gentle and loving man who wants to help everyone.

Song Ha Yoon As Joo Gi Bbeum

She was the singer and actress of the moment, a world idol until she was involved in a murder case, because of this her career collapsed and now has to face serious economic problems and the hatred of millions of anti-fans. She has to support her father Joo Man Sik and her two brothers Joo Ja Rang and Joo Sa Rang, she is an adorable woman, with a great fighting spirit and a great survivor of life; as she resumes her career in the world of entertainment she begins to reveal the great hidden secret behind the murder and when she meets the man of her life, Gong Ma Sung, the infernal life that day after day has persecuted her since her fateful encounter, begins to change.

Hoya As Sung Ki Joo

He is the beloved cousin of Gong Ma Sung, second heir to the Sunwoo Company, but his dream is to be a popular idol and for this reason he never takes care of his responsibilities in the company, however his career is not at all what he expected, every time he goes to act in a drama, even if he pays all production expenses, he has a secondary roles and therefore has many financial problems with nothing left but to turn to his beloved cousin Ma Sung. He has been compared to Ma Sung his whole life, and because of this, he developed feelings of jealousy and attachment. He is a very spoiled child, very extrovert and eccentric, very noisy and quite ridiculous, but he is a complete innocent fool one can who fall in love with.

Lee Joo Yeon As Lee Han Im

She is a famous actress, the only daughter of a rich family, and the queen of plastic surgery, this together with being a spoiled child for being the only daughter. Although she is a proud and arrogant person, her family is recognized as “the working class” by all the luxury families and for this reason, they do not recognize her.
At first, she had a long career without any reputation, but she had her big chance in the drama were Joo Gi Bbeum was going to star in, but she was not because of the incident.
She is horrified by the constant presence of Sung Ki Joon as she thinks he is just a freeloader who wants to take popularity at the expense of her, the actress of the moment.


Gong Ma Sung is one of the 10 most influential people in the world, being all an eminence in the field of neuroscience, and the owner of Sunwoo Hospital, he makes a business trip to Hainan, where in a peculiar meeting he meets the world Hallyu superstar  Joo Gi Bbeum, who after escaping together from the persecution of criminals, Gong Ma Sung has to help her to find her team, because as a super spoiled star she was lost.

In the course of their search they have a unique day, full of playfulness and mischief, which at the end of the afternoon generates strong feelings for each other, so much that they decide to meet again to continue enjoying their unexpected love, but in the course of separating themselves very unfortunate events occur. Gong Ma Sung suffers a serious car accident and Joo Gi Bbeum is accused of the murder of a popular idol.


These incidents completely change the course of their lives, since then Gong Ma Sung suffers from Cinderella Memory Disorder, a disease that prevents him from remembering and limiting his memory to a single day, having to write all his memories in a diary time after time and thus be able to memorize them the next day. On the other hand, Joo Gi Bbeum is completely ruined, her promising career went below the earth, having millions of anti-fans, debts, and lawsuits everywhere and a great sadness in her heart.

Over the course of three years and having to adapt to the new courses of their lives Joo Gi Bbeum and Gong Ma Sung meet again, but he does not remember her and she feels completely frustrated and disappointed because she doesn’t understand why Gong Ma Sung never arrived at his appointment with her. Then after a series of reunions and Gong Ma Sung’s constant struggle to remember who this woman is that manages to stir up his memories and feelings, they manage to retake their fateful love story marked by hidden secrets, a war for power and a constant struggle against the advance of Gong Ma Sung’s terrible disease.


Devilish Joy is a drama full of clichés, romantic and funny scenes, although it has that typical and normal plot of rich and famous people, fight between family for the money, a serious illness and etc, etc, etc, etc…. Nonetheless, they knew how to give its touches of originality, great performances and above all the support of a great chemistry on the part of its protagonists Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon.

First let’s start with Choi Jin Hyuk in his role as Gong Ma Sung, this character simply charmed me, from his way of dressing to his way of expressing himself, crying, hugging, kissing… okay let’s calm down, but seriously, Choi Jin Hyuk stood out above the rest, and not only because the story revolved around him, but also because in each scene he made us connect with his character, love him, want to cure him and showing his quality as an actor, I certainly hope to see him soon in the next drama he’ll star in: Empress’s Dignity.

On the other hand, is Song Ha Yoon and her adorable and fighter Joo Gi Bbeum, at first I thought I would hate her character, because I thought she was a fool, spoiled and nothing else, but the change that her character gave me was one of the things I liked the most, leaving behind that silly personality and becoming a woman who fights for her family, who learned to love the simple but valuable things in life and who fights with her own means to go ahead; Choi Jin Hyuk did not let himself be overshadowed, in fact, they complemented each other very well and formed a great couple that made me sigh and suffer on more than one occasion.

Now let’s talk a little about Hoya, in my opinion, one of the weakest characters, as if he didn’t feel comfortable with his character, he looked very uncomfortable, many times overacted, of course as the drama develops, his performance improves and he rescues a little this character, who in the end seemed very tender to me and I laughed with him. His partner in this drama Lee Joo Yeon, I liked her very much, the character was of that type to hate and love at the same time and I get it, well at least in my opinion, Lee Han Im was that spoiled, arrogant, but at the same time very tender and adorable, the course that took their sentimental situation was so funny and cute simultaneously that it bought me, I can not forget the scene in which she gave the first kiss to Ki Joo, I laughed a lot like many of the scenes in which they were together.

The aspects of this story that I liked the least is that I would have liked to see more realism, Gong Ma Sung’s memories returned in all the conviniet moments, and of course this  maintained the drama, still, the way things were going to developt should had not be predictable, I expected a little more, the villains especially Jung Soo Kyo as the director Kim Bum Soo, did not convince me at all, I hate him, but his character as such irritated me.
Last but not least, Devilish Joy OST,  very good and it synchronized well with the drama,  Lee Yoon Jin’s song  “Goodbye” was one of my favorites, here is a link if you want to hear it:


Of course I recommend it, I liked it a lot, it has comedy, a great romantic couple, drama, completably acceptable, so don’t miss it and enjoy it with a nice chocolate bar.