Some of the car accident cases are life-altering, and they clearly need an attorney.

However, others are minor, and they might seem pretty straightforward and uncomplicated, too.

So how do you determine whether you need an attorney?

The answer to this is short and simple: You should retain an auto attorney when you’re injured in a car accident, regardless of the magnitude.

Attorney for Minor Injuries

Now, you might wonder why you need an attorney when the case is straightforward, or even when the injuries are minor.

Here’s is why; though the case might be minor or even inconsequential, it can result in more pain and suffering due to stress.

Even when your injuries are minor, some of the medical procedures might be expensive, requiring compensation to assist in your recovery.

At times, you may also find that the minor injuries may lead to further consequences for the victim; for instance, they might not be able to return to their job, or they may have to give up their favorite recreational activity.

Minor injuries may also result in a complication or further damages not noticed until later, which will eventually result in the loss of income or job. As such, wages and lost benefits need to be factored in the settlement, and an attorney will assist in obtaining all the payment needed.

Attorneys for Major Accidents

This is a no brainer: in case you’re involved in a major accident, you clearly need to retain an attorney.

In particular, if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you should always opt for a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer because though LA motorcycle accidents only accounted for 3.7% of traffic accidents in 2010, they resulted to 12.5% of all traffic fatalities, a reverse from other categories with higher percentages of injuries as opposed to death.

Insurance have Attorneys

Insurance companies have teams of legal professionals and adjusters who begin evaluating your claim.

To level the playing field, you must retain an attorney.

The last thing you would want is to face a legal team that works full-time and has an understanding of the legal procedures more than you do.

Sure, it’s possible to move alone, but you’ll be at the mercy of the attorney.

They may decide to compensate you for several hundreds or thousands of dollars, or even deny you a claim altogether.

This is because you’re not aware of your legal rights, the alternative methods you could use, or what you could use for fighting them.

Inadequate Legal Knowledge

Yes, I understand some of the litigation fees are higher, but if you choose to do it your way, the costs or rather what you stand to lose will even be higher.

There’re numerous reasons why you’re bound to fail when representing yourself.

For starters, you’ve no legal knowledge of how to proceed with the case.

You don’t even know how to collect evidence, record witness statements, or even get a favorable report from the physician.

Secondly, if you anything about legal cases, you understand that some of them have a timeline, also known as Statue of Limitation.

In Los Angeles, California, for instance, depending on the type of case, the statute of limitation ranges from 1 year to 10 years. The point at which the clock starts ticking is the date of the incident, and so you should opt for an accident lawyer as soon as possible.

An unrepresented claimant lacks the experience and training necessary for negotiation for the best compensation offer.

Further, they lack the understanding of negotiating the medical bills they might incur for treating their injuries.

So, yes, I would say you need to retain an attorney after an auto accident, regardless of the cause or magnitude.