So I am thinking of driving for Doordash delivery service as one of my close friends recommended it to me. I am in a bit of cash crunch at the time, so I decided to do some research and find out more. Searching for doordash, I found out that they are providing drivers sign up bonus after completing 150 rides at the moment. This number varies from time to time. It went from 100 deliveries to 200 deliveries and then back to 150 deliveries.

As I searched for the DoorDash referral, I found this website which had a link for doordash driver sign up bonus. Here is the link which I found and they mentioned a number if needed 2069103961. But I am concerned about doing this gig.

After that, I sought the most controversial platform for advice, Facebook. Apparently, people start a fight on any topic, and the fight is totally irrelevant to the topic being discussed. Here are some stories of Doordash drivers which made me a bit skeptic and also optimistic about free food.




1. So I had my first undeliverable order. It was Chipotle and something that is really good. What happened was the address left me in the middle of the highway so I called customer service and they couldn’t get a hold of the customer either. I needed to know if it was a business next to the highway, but she didn’t pick up. I didn’t eat before my dash, so this is really appreciated.

Doordash Food Looks Delicious
Doordash Food Looks Delicious

2. Just walked back from a delivery to find my window smashed in. Be careful and keep your head on swivel especially these rougher neighborhoods. Doordash doesn’t replace or compensate for anything so be mindful of where you park and be aware of your surroundings. Stay safe out there!

Car Window Smashed Not Fun
Car Window Smashed Not Fun

3. I accepted this order last Friday. After I reached the restaurant, I contacted support to close out my last run because I batched as I was at the first customer’s door. The restaurant I was at had not even started this order before I arrived and the wait was 20 minutes, but for this order, I was going to wait, and I let support know of the issue at the restaurant because they were having issues with their tablet supposedly. Support contacted this customer also to let them know there were technical issues and it was going to be 20 minutes before it would be ready. The customer already knew this because the last dasher contacted them when they arrived and killed their pick up over the long wait. The customer canceled the order. DoorDash ate this order and my guaranteed 30 bucks. After this, my orders have gradually gone down until today where I got only three orders in 7hrs all day long while my girlfriend made well over $100 just tonight working the same area. Has anyone else heard of this happening ?? My dash tonight was from 5 to 830pm without an order… any ideas? I have reinstalled the app and everything. Does anyone have any ideas?

4. So get this, I have an order from Burger King. The customer orders French toast sticks, a croissanwich (which I had to call them about to see what meat they want on it), a Whopper meal, and a side of hash browns. I drop off the food to the customer and leave, and they call me 5 minutes later about their croissanwich not being there. I apologize and tell them to contact support (mind you I watched the employees put this stuff in the bag), and then I get another order for Burger King. While I’m waiting on my current order doordash calls Burger King to confirm that they put a BURGER in the bag. Then they call me and confirm the same thing. The customer changed up their story between me and doordash support. WTH is wrong with some people? πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

5. Best doordash day ever got $250 worth of free food and $30 for delivering it. Turns out the customer that ordered it made a mistake and was going to cancel it and forgot to cancel it and I tried to return it to the restaurant, and of course, they won’t take it, so doordash says attempt to return it and of course, the restaurant says we can’t take it.

There you go people; I shared some random stories with you. If you have any such stories, please go to the comment section below and let me know what you think of being a DoorDash Driver and using the sign up bonus referral code.