Back pain is a common problem faced by adults nowadays. Although it is not a disease, it has a great influence on your daily activities. With an aching back, you cannot travel or either sit for hours. There are many approaches in the market to relieve your pain, but only a few show promising results. Erase my back pain program by Emily Lark is one of them, and it promises to make your life pain-free.

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If you are tired of trial and error methods, but you are not getting permanent relief from your back pain. Then consider trying Back to Life Erase My Back Pain as it is a safe and natural way to get rid of your backache. If you want to know how this method can help you to overcome your pain, you need to read this, Erase my back pain review to find out.

So, let’s cut the chase and look into the question commonly asked.

What is Erase My Back Pain?

Back to life is a comprehensive, online coaching program that is specially designed to treat lower back pain. It also helps those who have sciatica, spinal stenosis, and mid back pain, so the good news is you do not need to book appointments with chiropractors repeatedly.

Erase my back pain is a natural and effective pain relief program that is the best alternative to expensive pain relief therapies and pain killers. This program is scientifically proven and requires only 10 minutes from your daily routine.

Erase My Back Pain

Back to Life by Emily Lark teaches you some unique yet practical exercises and stretches, which is the key to unlocking your stubborn pain. Moreover, this program not only treats your lower back pain, but it also helps to tone your body and abs. Simple exercises in the program can reverse muscle damage, repair tendons, nerve balance, and improve muscle mass.

This program is beneficial for both males and females of any age. So, if you are a grandpa, this will be highly effective for you as well. It includes easy to understand videos, two amazing bonuses, and a healthy back checklist ebook. Most Erase my back pain reviews by the clients are highly positive. This core-strengthening program supports the spine and increases the core strength. It helps you to sit and stand without pain, keeping your Back limber.

Emily also highlighted the importance of breathing and how you can combine breathing with Erase my back pain stretches to engage muscles more effectively. So, whenever you are feeling stiff or sore, follow this workout program to align your spine rapidly without side effects.

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Now, let’s find out a bit about the creator of this program.

Who is The Creator of This Program?

Back to life back pain program was created by Emily Lark. Since 2004, she is a fitness coach and is working as a personal trainer, yoga and Pilate’s instructor. She became famous in Chicago within no time due to her unique teaching style.

Back to Life

She survived a major car accident when she was 12, which left her with chronic back pain. At the age of 28, doctors recommended her surgery, but she refused to go with it. Instead, she used her human anatomy knowledge and consulted back pain experts to come up with this core strengthening technique.

So, without surgery or expensive medications, she is pain-free for a decade now. Now she is successfully running her yoga studio and helping other people with the same problem.

Does Erase My Back Pain Work?

A simple answer to this question is, Yes, it works, and reviews of Erase My Back Pain are proof that it has remarkable and long-lasting results. But the problem is how to relieve lower back pain with this program.

This 10-minute pain relief daily routine works naturally. It promises its users about the alleviation of back pain by following easy and straightforward Emily Lark back exercises. Based on kinesiology, workout, and clinical pain research, this wellness guide will make you familiar with gentle and effortless physical movements so that you can improve the health of your Back.

The simple Erase my back pain exercises will tone your muscles and provide strength to get rid of the pain, increase vitality levels, and improve the balance of your body. Some of the reasons that can trigger back problems are; obesity, accidental falling, muscle or ligament strain, heavy lifting, and postures. If the backache is not treated timely, it can lead to shrinking of nerve roots, intervertebral disc damage, and improper motion of spinal joints.

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This program is divided into the video section, user manual, and checklist ebook for healthy Back. Furthermore, it also offers a bonus to its users. The guidelines provided in each section are comprehensive, and you can follow them easily.

If you Google, you will find Erase My Back YouTube videos, but those videos are concise and short tutorials. On the contrary, if you purchase the program, you can have access to two complete videos about the exercises.

One video is with a musical background, and you can practice with Emily. The other one is without music. This video is a stepwise tutorial to understand the exercise position correctly. You just need 10 minutes to perform these Emily Lark back stretches.

Emily recommended keeping yourself hydrated to avoid sore muscles and fatigue, especially for beginners, as it will flush out the lactic acid from your body, which is the leading cause of soreness.

Erase my back pain user manual is a pdf file of twenty-two pages. This file explains each exercise in detail with descriptions and short videos. So, if you are having some trouble following the videos, you can get help from this user manual.

Another perk of this program is the Erase My Back Pain checklist for a healthy back. This checklist consists of detailed instructions and valuable tips on maintaining the perfect posture while sitting on a chair or sleeping. By following the simple guidelines, you can get rid of your back pain.

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Erase My Back Pain Exercises

The core strengthening exercises are divided into two levels. For instance, if you are a beginner and do not have any workout routine. Then always start with level 1 exercises and then move to level 2. Each level is one week long, and you have to complete it and master it within a week. The first level is mild, but it becomes difficult as you progress.

Level 1 (Forward fold)

This level is easy to perform and understand. You do not require extra equipment, a sofa or chair would be enough to perform this exercise. This level prepares or warms up your body for the next level.

Muscle soreness is considered normal during this step, and drinking plenty of water will help you to avoid it. To perform forward fold, you need to sit on the chair. Take a deep breath and lower your body forward and down with your abdomen and chest touching thighs. This will help the stretching of your back muscles.

You also need to inhale and exhale while performing this exercise slowly. It can be easily implemented in your bedroom, as well.

Level 2 (Forward fold)

The difficulty level of level two is more as compared to level one. It is essential to take it slow and perform these exercises gently. If someone can help you with the support the first time, it would be better. These exercises are performed on the floor. For your convenience, it is recommended to use a yoga mat or carpet to avoid any injury.

Forward folding in level two needs to be performed without a chair. Firstly, you need to stand straight then slowly start bending your Back down towards the knees. When you reach this position, try touching your feet if possible. Do not forget to breathe. Stay in this position for some time and relax.

After you stand, your body and mind will feel relieved and relaxed. These levels can show you the improvement within a few days according to Back to life Erase my back pain reviews.

Erase My Back Pain Pros and Cons

There are positive and negative aspects of everything, which helps us to decide whether the product is worth your money or not. We have listed down the pros and cons of this program so you can find out it will help you or if Erase my back pain is a scam or not?


  • This program is designed for all age groups of males and females.
  • You only need ten minutes from your valuable time to Erase my back pain stretches. Erase my back pain not only helps you with lower back pain, but it also helps to tone your body and abs.
  • Along with simple exercises, there are some dietary recommendations by Emily, which are beneficial for your health.
  • The instructional videos in the program are easy to understand and simple to follow.
  • There is no requirement of fancy equipment, a yoga mat or carpet would be enough to perform the exercise.


  • Without an internet facility, you cannot access the videos of exercise.
  • Erase my back pain program is short

Where to Download Erase My Back Pain?

Emily back to life program can be easily purchased and downloaded by visiting their official website According to Back to life healthy system reviews, this program is economical than the medications and physical therapies we usually opt for back pain. Erase my back pain costs around $37, and if you have any issues you can contact for help at

Erase My Back Pain

This fantastic program comes with two super cool bonuses as well. These bonuses make Erase my back pain even more worth the money. These bonuses improve your back health and your overall health.

Following bonuses are included in Erase my back pain program:

  • Back2life yoga for bedtime back relief

This video contains practical, remedial stretches and exercises to treat aching pain. You need to follow this therapeutic routine before you sleep as it helps to minimize the strain of your Back.

  • Back2life guided meditation audio series

Emily is a yoga expert, so she used her experience and introduced this audio series. This will help to reduce your pain and stress through meditation.

Erase My Back Pain is a Scam or Legit?

Honestly, Erase my back pain is not a scam because there are no complaints about the Back to Life Program. Emily will help you achieve your goals from start to end with proper guidance through videos and Erase my back pain book. The stretches and movements are scientifically tested and proven keys to unlock your lower back pain or sciatica.

Your abdominal and core muscles are strengthened with these easy to perform exercises. It is also beneficial for improving your balance, core strength, and flexibility. Erase my back pain stretch reviews prove that this program will bring you improvements without any disadvantages.

To make it legit, Emily also offers a 100% money-back guarantee. So, if you have any Erase my back pain complaint or you are not satisfied with its results. You can get the full money back within sixty days.

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Erase My Back Pain Real User Reviews

Erase My Back Pain real customer reviews will make your decision easier whether this program is useful for you or not—people who are already suffering the same problem, have penned down their experience.

“I have had back pain for some time. After reading Emily Lark back to life reviews, I decided to purchase this program. I am on level one; the directions in the video are good and can be followed easily. Erase my back pain pdf helps to understand the postures easily. So far, it is good.”- K.C. Cooper

“This program is an excellent way to stretch your core muscles and say goodbye to your back problems permanently. My 15-year-old kid and I are using this program. It is helping us, and it is a great fun activity.”Sarah

“All these exercises help a lot. The creator of the program was very elaborative about how to take care of Back with healthy tips and workout routine of 10 minutes.”Cannolly

The FAQs About Erase My Back Pain

Q. How do I fix my back pain?

Answer: To fix your back pain naturally, you must sleep properly. A gentle massage with essential oils can be helpful. Meditating and simple stretches of your core muscles can be beneficial for your pain.

Q. How can I get rid of back pain at home?

Answer: Simple exercise and ice packs can cure your lower back pain. Erase my back pain program is well designed for back pain. You can purchase online and get rid of your pain at home easily.

Q. What is the best treatment for lower back pain?

Answer: Besides taking anti-inflammatory medication, the best way to treat your lower back pain is yoga or Pilates with meditation. Emily Lark has included all these techniques in a single package known as Erase My Back Pain. Exercise will help to cure lower back pain and sciatica as well.

Q. How do you release lower back pain?

Answer: Staying positive, making some changes in your daily lifestyle helps to recover from back problems. You should have a balanced diet with a workout routine to make yourself active.

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Erase My Back Pain Reviews-Final Words

If you are suffering from backache and are unable to find any authentic solution, then Back to life erase my back pain is the perfect choice for you. The reviews of Erase my back pain by its users show that this program is worth buying because it has remarkable results.

Age, gender, height, and weight is not an issue when you choose this program. Back to life is an economic program that is much better than chiropractic treatments. So, do not let things slip out of your hand, purchase erase my back pain now and get rid of your horrible pain. We hope this Back to Life Erase My Back Pain review is helpful for you.