Every hotel chain or airline offers you the travel reward system which is why it can be hard to choose one. You can get free hotel nights or airfare through loyalty programs. If you travel once a year, you can still get into the rewards program and get a discounted trip.

The only key is that you have to be careful while choosing the program. Some programs are big, but they offer you little rewards. You have to list out the criteria with separating what is best for you. Well, here is a checklist you can evaluate for the travel rewards program and pick the favorite one for yourself.

Evaluation for a travel rewards program

As a beginning, you will notice that everyone has the same requirements. They want free or discounted flights, cheap hotel rooms, rental cars and perks to having comfortable travel experience. There are many loyalty programs which offer the same things, but over time you will realize that earning rewards is difficult and that’s where Reservations.com Travel Advisors can help.

Things to look

Network size and diversity

When you go for the more extensive network, the better options will be there for you to get the rewards. For example, Jetblue airlines and Southwest loyalty programs are easy to understand. When you go for the airlines which have big names, you will score more perks out of it with earning large rewards. The more partners an airline has, the better options for you are there. It makes it easier for you to book the flight through various platforms and also helps you in getting the seat in the plane which you want to redeem the rewards.

Average time to Redemption

The more you travel, the more chances are there for you to get a free flight. The key here is how much you are spending with the rewards credit card. The wait time accumulates and may vary for everyone. It is important to find a reward which will fit your lifestyle in the best manner. So, if you are someone who does not fly too often then getting the points will be difficult, and there will be less chance of getting the free flight.

Usage of Rewards

The flexibility of redeeming the rewards matters a lot. For example, there could be many blackouts with an airline reward program that you are not able to get the ticket booked when you need it. It can vary when you wish to use those rewards depending on the program you have chosen which will be the best fit for you without wasting any time of yours.

Your Best Fit

You have to pick the reward program which suits your lifestyle and needs. You have to create a list of what you are expecting out of the program such as free flights, cheaper hotel rooms and more. Also, look into the activities in your life which may support and earn you more points.

There are many caveats with every program, so you have to look carefully and be restrictive towards it. Choose the best option for yourself which can be beneficial for you and the family.