A lot of people find comfort in baking. It’s a hobby for some while passion for others. It’s one of the most enjoyable activities one can do in the comfort of their home. It is also quite a stress-relieving activity, that lets us explore our creativity! But, the very first thing that one requires for baking is an oven – obviously!

Many of you just want to buy an oven for some simple baking in your spare time and not for professional gourmet cooking. If that’s what you’re looking for, it is not necessary to buy an oven that’s equipped with advanced and complicated features and amenities. The bottom line is – if you are planning to buy an oven for everyday baking in your kitchen, you need to consider a few factors and choose an oven according to your needs!

Listed below are the key factors that need your consideration before you invest in any oven.

Gas Oven Or Electric Oven

Gas ovens have been used traditionally for ages. In fact, most of the cooking ranges are operated over gas. But, thanks to recent technological advancements, everything is now equipped with electric operating systems. Truth to be said, the electric ovens are much safer and quicker in cooking as compared to traditional gas ovens. However, both types come with their own pros and cons.

The gas ovens are known to produce softer cakes, bread, and other baked items than the electric ovens. Furthermore, these are easy to be installed and used in homes, especially when the kitchen already has a gas line installed.

However, the electric ovens are comparatively cheaper and do not require the installation of a gas line. Besides, these ovens are equipped with presets for automatic heat settings. But, you need to keep in mind that in case of any wear and tear, you can’t get its parts replaced as finding replacements in this regard is quite difficult!


Single oven capacity is best if you just want to bake food and confectioneries for two to four people. But, if yours is a big family or circle and you want to cook in bulk, then you must go for a double range oven as it would let you cook multiple items simultaneously.

The single oven features one compartment section for baking while the double range ovens mostly feature two compartments for cooking which differ in size. The top section is small and is utilized for small dishes like pizza or one bite whereas the bottom section is comparatively bigger that could be used to bake almost anything.

How Much Space The Oven Would Occupy?

This one is the most factor that needs your consideration when you are planning to buy a new oven for your kitchen. You need to consider the space in your kitchen and the size of the oven you are going to buy. After the refrigerator, the oven is considered as the major space-occupying kitchen appliance. It needs proper space and proper installation.

A compact oven is the best option for small kitchen spaces ad it is small and portable. It is basically as small as a microwave. There is no difference in its functions and features other than the size. Its small size permits baking small batches of edibles.

The conventional range of large ovens is perfect for big kitchen spaces. These are bulky, big, rectangular in shape, occupy large space but are very spacious and enable you to bake edibles in bulk. However, if your kitchen has neither big nor small but a moderate space, then you can consider buying wall ovens. These ovens basically fit under the walls of the kitchen over the slab. These are the most appropriate choice for any kitchen space and also add up to the appearance of the kitchen.

Do Check The Doors!

It is very crucial for ovens to be equipped with good doors. The doors must be light and easy to operate. There must be a clear view window. Besides, the number of glass layers is also very important. The more the layers of glass in the oven door, the cooler the door would stay. It is, in fact, a safer option when there are children in your home. Moreover, the latest ovens are equipped with a new feature i.e. the door slams shut on hot food.

One doesn’t buy an oven every other day. Therefore, you must ensure that you make the right choice in the first go. Considering the right factors when buying an oven will ensure you end up with the right oven for your kitchen!