Their lives are played out under the watchful gaze of the public eye. Now, more than ever, what they say and do is under intense scrutiny, with every move being recorded on social media and the digitized world we live in.

It’s for this reason that the most famous people on the planet have to keep a smart profile. Wearing the right thing is not only good for their image, but it’s also good for their career, too. A lot of time and effort is spent finding the best way to do this, and the results are often impressive.

With this in mind, here are some tips that we can glean from some of the most stylish men around to help give your look a boost.

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd, like Tyler The Creator

There has been a proud tradition of the bizarre in modern culture. David Bowie was the first great pioneer with his androgynous appearance and outlandish outfits, while Lady Gaga has done her best to carry it on with her infamous meat dress and many other creations.

Tyler the Creator is the latest to shock the crowds with his dress sense, with the highlight being wearing a bright blond wig offset by a pink and red suit outside the gates of Buckingham Palace recently.

It works, of course. The celebrity gets the publicity he craves, and fans go mad for it.

Tyler has actually toned things down this year, but even with his more traditional pastel collaboration with Lacoste, he still found time to include a pink mohair cardigan within the collection.

While you maybe don’t need to go this far to get attention, it’s always good to stand out in a crowd. Don’t be afraid to go for the bright shirt, or the cool bright blue sneakers: having an individual style shows confidence and flair.

But also know when to keep it understated, like David Beckham

Famously nicknamed ‘Goldenballs’ by his wife, everything the ex-footballer touches seems to turn to gold when it comes to style. Who else could get away with wearing a sarong in public and still be called a fashion icon?

While he continues to be known for his extravagant choices (the less said about his cornrow hairstyle, the better), he does also set the trend for understatement.

This decade has seen him set an impeccably high standard in menswear, with a more toned-down style made up of muted colors and classic combinations. Although we’re not all blessed with his impossibly good looks, he has proved that it is possible for the everyday modern man to look stylish on a daily basis.

So, while it is always good to set yourself apart from others, it’s also useful to know that a more laid-back approach can pay dividends, too.

Go back to the 70s, like Donald Glover

That 70s look might not be all over the internet, but it’s worth remembering that the decade wasn’t all cheesy flared trousers and oversized shoes.

Childish Gambino, a.k.a Donald Glover, has shown us that it’s fine to party like it’s 1979, with a series of classic retro outfits. He doesn’t wear ties to formal events, instead preferring to go for wide peak lapels and a smart-casual look.

One of the best things about this is that he never looks like he’s trying too hard, while at the same time not being scared to wear bold and colorful pieces.

So, if you loved that era, then don’t be afraid to open up your shirt and jazz it up like Glover.

Use your shades well, as Barack Obama

There’s a reason why they call him the most stylish president since JFK.

Barack Obama knows how to dress; he also knows when and where to wear sunglasses. Often going with Ray-Bans, he always picks the style that suits his face and he never looks out of place when he wears them.

Mr. O also goes for frames without a logo, opting for stylish over trendy. It’s something we can take on board: after all, do we really want our sunglasses to be the best part of our outfit?

Vary your style, like Daniel Craig

The man who plays James Bond probably has more versatility than 007 himself.

He wears styles that Bond would never dare, and it’s this ability to pull off several different looks that make him the envy of most men. Whether he’s showing Miss Moneypenny how to play Blackjack in his designer suit, speeding down the highway on his Harley wearing his Harrington jacket, or even just strolling with his family wearing a polka dot scarf, he always looks the part.

His ease with informal wear also rates him highly on the most fashionable list. Often seen in a t-shirt and jeans combo, he’s comfortable at combining smart with casual. The secret here is finding the right cut of clothes; while a lot of guys opt for garments that are too loose or too baggy, Craig always ensures that his sit just right on his frame.

It’s fair to say that the actor never looks neither shaken nor stirred, but firmly in control.

Embrace your beard, like Idris Elba

Speaking of James Bond, the rumored successor to Daniel Craig threatens to up the fashion stakes for 007s. Apart from his effortlessly smooth dress sense, Idris Elba has several more tricks up his sleeve: one of them being his superb beard.

The beauty of Elba’s facial hair isn’t its volume or even its length or color; it’s how natural and effortless it looks. His secret seems to be subtlety: he never goes for a drastic look but chooses instead to play it safe, keeping it closely cropped or as a goatee, which has a powerful effect.

Of course, it helps that Elba looks the epitome of cool in a sharp suit, but he serves as a reminder to the rest of us that we don’t have to go to extreme lengths to get an impressive beard.