Whenever the customers visit the ecommerce store, they do not buy everything due to budget constraints or other reasons. However, they would like to save the products that are selected to buy later. The Magento Wish list offers an incredible feature where the wish list can be divided into two. The Magento would present you with the Magento 2 wish list extension to help customers save the shopping cart with different wish lists that they would like to customize. There can be an unlimited number of wish lists created for future reference.

The Magento 2 multiple wish lists are the best solution for creating multiple wish lists and offering high convenience for the customers to shop. The wish lists that are created would be organized in different sections. The customers can switch from one Wishlist to another Wishlist as per their convenience.

Features of Magento 2 multiple wish lists

  • Create and manage various wish lists
  • Add the products to the cart directly
  • Delete the Wishlist whenever you want
  • Update the Wishlist of the products
  • Save as many products as you wish to the Wishlist
  • Move the products from one Wishlist to another Wishlist as per your convenience
  • Share the wish list to the friends and family members
  • The admin would receive the notifications whenever the customer adds the products to the Wishlist

Benefits of Magento 2 multiple wish lists

A few of the benefits one can reap by having the Magento 2 multiple wish lists include:

  • When there is no stock available for the product, the Wishlist will let the customers track the product status.
  • Wish list would allow the customers to send emails to the friends and relatives that are furnished with the product details
  • Share the wish list with the friends would let you introduce the website with a good collection of products to the new users and there are high chances of you to gain new customers
  • Customers can create multiple wish lists of their favorite products
  • Customers can save a lot of time as the customer does not need to look for the search that they are planning to buy in the future again
  • Customers can move the products to the cart and then to the checkout page in no time

Purpose of Magento 2 multiple wish lists

Multiple wish lists are an ideal solution to create various wish lists and offer the customers the ability to shop at their convenience and organize them. The module would also let the customers plan the budget before placing the order. The wish lists can be created for future use. For instance, one can list down for a holiday, one for the regular purchases, and the other for the equipment. You can share this list with friends through email.

It is easier for customers to create a Wishlist. All they have to do is to enter the Wishlist name and save. The customers have the provision to add as many products as they want to the Wishlist at different places such as the product category page, product page, shopping cart page, compare page, and CMS page. It is easy to organize the Wishlist and can switch from one Wishlist to another.