We all have our favorite automobile model or two. But when you enter a new or used car dealership, there is an overwhelming number of options. If you are like me, you will search until you find the one right for your budget, family, and lifestyle.

Have you ever tried looking for Hyundai finance in Canada? The payment choices are often restrictive. Which usually translates into a lower credit score, inflexible interest rates, burdensome debt, and uncomfortable repayment periods. All of which can draw out the pleasure of motor vehicle ownership. But it doesn’t have to be this way for you or anyone you know.

You no longer have to choose between a comfortable ride and healthy finances. Canncentral does its best to offer (amazingly affordable) loan finances on vehicles. In so doing, we have built packages focused on some models, for example, our Hyundai car finance option. While this is a perfectly suitable choice, you would probably prefer to know about substitutes before you make your decision. Check out our list of financially-friendly car financing alternatives.

Cash from savings and investments

Anyone giving financial advice will surely say cash is best. Honestly, they aren’t wrong — to an extent. Depending on your cash reserves, this purchase could be 50% or more of everything you have. And if you are not careful or haven’t considered car expenses, you could quickly start living paycheck to paycheck.

For this undertaking, it is good to have an idea of your current expenses and a comprehensive estimate of all car expenses. You want to drive confidently from the car lot knowing you will still be able to afford monetary emergencies. Plus, paying a portion with your credit card allows you to benefit from credit card purchase protection.

A Bank or Credit Union Vehicle Loan

Borrowing from your regular banker works because you already have an existing client. We think this would enhance the chance of favorable terms as you were a customer before seeking the loan or a form of Hyundai car finance. Often the exception, not the rule. Nevertheless, it is worth looking into as you shop around for competitive interest rates.

A Vehicle Loan or Lease from Canncentral

Don’t throw out our loan offerings just yet (especially with regards to Hyundai car finance). We strive to provide very flexible terms. Why? We believe the joy of owning a vehicle should not be at the expense of financial freedom. Yes, we do have standardized packages. But, if you qualify, officers can structure borrowings to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Personal Contract

Usually available in two forms: purchase and leasing. Personal contract purchases tend to have lower monthly payments, require an installment, and have a balloon payment. Based on the annual mileage forecasted, the loan is the difference between the price and the car value at the end of the agreement.

Personal contract leasing, however, has higher monthly payments. This additional cost covers maintenance and servicing. Unfortunately, ownership always remains with the seller. With personal contract purchase and leasing, an extra cost is possible if you exceed the mileage specifications.

Trying Waiting

When possible, watch car prices then hold out for sales. Ask for discounts. If not time-constrained, there is always the option to wait until you are in a better budget position with a higher credit score. Both of these can give you an advantage in choosing loan terms, buying cash, or mixing cash-loan financing.

From buying cash to taking credit, there are several best ways to Hyundai car finance. If you chose any credit options, ensure you can afford the monthly payment for the whole loan term. Drive safe.