Productivity plays a significant role in the success of an organization.

Many are already aware of the fact that the progress of their organization is in the hands of the employees. Why? Because it is these employees that help achieve targets, provide timely delivery of work, or maybe even offer an exquisite customer experience.

Thus, they also know how important it is to keep these employees productive at all times. The more productive the employees are, the more work they will get done.

Lesser productivity will lead to lack of motivation, work spiraling out of control, and it will also make it difficult for you to retain employees in your organization.

Hence, the organizations out there are now in search of some magic that will help their employees stay productive and focused.

Well, we don’t have any magic, however, we do have a few tips and tricks that can work like magic for you. Read this article to know more about what we are talking about here.

Put your trust in technology

In this world of the digital revolution, it is software and tools that will help you with every solution that you seek. When you put trust in the right technology and you make the best use of it, you can be sure that your workforce will be productive.

Take pm software for example. This tool allows you to organize the multiple projects that you have on your hand. You can easily delegate the tasks without overburdening any employee, see how long a task will take and break it into chunks if the need be, measure your billable hours, and more.

This type of transparency and organized behavior is bound to keep you productive and on track.

Recognize the progress of your employees

Every individual seeks appreciation and approval. Every now and then it’s a good idea to recognize how far your employees have come and appreciate them for the efforts they put it.

When they realize that their hard work is being noticed, they tend to either continue doing so. Or they have a newfound motivation that propels them to excel. Thus, the more motivated your employees are, the more productive they will be.

Keep everything transparent

Transparency plays a significant role when it comes to productivity.

If your employees have no idea about how long the project will continue or if they do not have all the data that is needed, it will lead to a pause in the project.

Employees will not know who they should talk to when they are in a dilemma and their entire focus will get disrupted. Thus, it is best to keep everything transparent. Inform your employees about their roles, about who they are supposed to report to, who is responsible for what, so on and so forth.

Set clear expectations and goal

Just like we discussed above how important it is to keep the hierarchy and project details transparent, it is also important for you to set clear expectations from your employees.

In fact, this is a task that should be done the moment an employee becomes a part of your work family.

Tell them clearly what you are planning to achieve with the project and what exactly do you expect your employee to do, how exactly do you want to see the candidate perform. It will help them set a standard and move forward with a goal and direction in mind.

Host team-building exercises

Hardly anyone works alone in an organization. You are always working in a team.

It is important for a team to bond and understands each other better if you don’t want any ruckus or hindrances in the productivity of employees.

To achieve this, consider hosting some team building activities or exercises that are separate from your workplace training.

Delegate effectively

When you are assigning work, it is crucial that you assign tasks as per the strengths of employees.

If you ask a copywriter to work on Adobe Photoshop, of course, they will take a lot more time and feel frustrated when they are unable to pull off the task. It is not their responsibility. They were hired to offer great copies and not graphics.

Thus, make sure you are delegating work effectively. Also, avoid overburdening any of your employees if you seek productivity.


Productivity is an important aspect of the success of the organization. With the right tools and methods, you can help your team stay productive and ensure you are always on track.