Applying for British citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) requires you to pass the Life in the UK Test. This 45 minutes long test asks 24 multiple-choice questions about British culture, history, government, and law. It costs £50 for every attempt. So, if you pass it the first time, it’s in your best interest. Luckily, passing the test isn’t difficult if you have prepared enough.

Here is an overview of the test, followed by some tips to pass it on the first attempt.

What is the Life in the United Kingdom Test?

This test is used by authorities to assess your understanding of traditions, government, and history of the country before they grant your citizenship or ILR. You can choose from 30 test centers in the UK to attempt it but register at least three days before the test.

You need to score at least 75% to pass the test. Passing the test will earn you a unique reference number that will be needed to complete the said applications. Once passed, you can use the test anytime for processing citizenship applications.

How to Pass Life in the UK Test?

Life in the UK test requires candidate’s substantial knowledge on UK living, infrastructure, and the past. Even the citizens aren’t able to answer some of its questions with certainty. Do not rely on your understanding of local living to pass the test. Be proactive and study the relevant material.

Although the test isn’t too easy, it should be reasonably easy for those who have prepared enough. For starters, study the official handbook of Life in the UK test. Below are a few tips to prepare for a guaranteed pass on the first try.

Focus on answering the questions. You will, of course, need an understanding of the country’s geography, tradition, and history to approach these questions. But you wouldn’t need extensive learning of the official handbook for the test. Practicing these questions will prepare you for the language and angle used to test this information in exams.

Read the question thoroughly. Some mistakes in the test come from not understanding the question being asked. Candidates either don’t pay enough attention to the questions or their poor comprehension skills prevent them from understanding them. You can avoid careless mistakes by analyzing the question minutely.

Ensure your question comprehension is not compromised by language deficiency by ensuring your English proficiency. Especially attend to Britain’s most used words and slang in verbal and written communication.

Dedicate enough time to study the material and practice test questions before you take the Life in the UK test. Successful applicants claim that one to three months were enough for them to assuredly prepare for the test.

Take Away

The Life in the UK test is an important milestone for your citizenship or ILR application. At the same time, it isn’t too easy. But preparing for the exam is straightforward, and you can pull this feat within a couple of months.